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one step ahead Why a bs/Md Was right for Me When i was four, i wanted to be a doctor. When i was twelve, i still wanted to be a doctor. When i got to high school, i was fortunate to have a branch of the world-renowned mayo Clinic near my school. mayo has many hands-on opportunities for high school students, and over the next three years, i gained experience in a wide variety of clinical fields: i pulled and filed charts in the ophthalmology department, restocked drugs in the pharmacy, and even helped with a patient-interactive television program in the hospital. When it came time to apply to college, i still wanted to be a doctor. since i’d accumulated a lot of medicine-related experience in high school, i decided to apply to combined undergraduate/medical school programs for college. these programs vary widely, but most guarantee admission to the university’s medical school after completion of undergraduate coursework, provided that the student maintains a minimum gPa and earns a minimum mCat score. Ultimately, i chose to attend northwestern University’s honors Program in medical education (hPme), a flexible seven- or eight-year program. northwestern’s feinberg school of medicine consistently receives top rankings, and i loved that it was located in the heart of Chicago—a major, culturally rich city. northwestern is also renowned for many of its undergraduate programs, and as an avid sports fan, i could imagine taking study breaks to cheer on its Big ten teams. by Marguerite Huff opportunities & Connections from the first day of orientation, i was part of a community of peers who knew we would be together for the next several years. that knowledge helped us form a strong bond, and although i’ve made many friends not in the program, i maintain a close connection with those who are. the program’s required coursework often leads to our studying (and post-exam celebrating) with one another, and we attend a dinner each quarter where we get to mingle, catch up, and listen to guest speakers who introduce us to various aspects of the medical profession. speakers have ranged from an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology to the director of international Program development and an er doctor. each talk has been both interesting and practical. hPme also provides networking opportunities and connections i otherwise might not have had. finding research, shadowing, and volunteer opportunities is easier because many faculty and staff consider the students part of the medical community, even if they have not yet officially matriculated to medical school. for example, last summer i received a grant to continue research in the neuroscience lab where i work parttime during the school year. this year, i’m considering applying to the medical student summer research Program (mssrP), typically open only to feinberg medical students, but to which hPme undergraduates are allowed to apply. hPme has also allowed me to explore interests beyond medicine. although i do have required math, biology, chemistry, and physics courses, i’m majoring in statistics, hardly a typical pre-med major, but one that i find engrossing and applicable to another interest of mine, policy research. other friends in the program have majors varying from religion to economics. and i’ve been able to take a diverse load of classes: for the past two years, i’ve led a weekly physics review session; in conjunction with this, i was able to take a course on teaching methods through the school of education. although some of my extracurricular activities are related to medicine, such as the neuroscience research, i also sing in the 36 imagine Jan/feb 2011

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/february 2011
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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/February 2011