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creative minds imagine Thank you to all who entered our third annual Creative Minds Essay Contest! We are thrilled to announce the winners here. Our Creative Minds Fiction Contest is open now through March 18, 2011. Winners will be announced in the May/June issue of Imagine. Read submission guidelines and enter online at I first Place facebook generation: A Meditative Essay your friends. What is the implication of liking that page? Did you not officially like it before? Were you taken aback that other people like it too? *** Everything means something. *** These are things I know about myself. My left eye is bigger than my right one. I have two cherry angiomas on my chest, small red spots that form when capillaries under the skin break. Actually, I have six, but only two are visible in the mirror. My forehead is longer than average. I’ve considered dying my hair blonde. I don’t brush my teeth enough. I wash my face too much. I’m afraid of hair. *** My Facebook profile is bare. Current status? “The irrationality of an object is not an argument against its existence but rather a condition of it.” No likes. Last status? “Holy ____ Roy Halladay!” Five likes. Activities: soccer, acting, sailing. *** Not all secrets are monumental. Opinions are reflections of inner truths. When you disregard someone’s opinion, when you dismiss someone’s philosophical outlook, be aware that you’ve swept aside a fraction of her soul. *** by Christian Whitmer Periods in italics are different from periods in normal type. In other words, someone spent time and effort in coming up with the distinction between periods that are and are not in italics. *** I hate having my picture taken, but tonight I don’t have a choice. A girl grabs me, handing her camera to a friend. “Put your arm around me,” she instructs me. “No. Like you mean it.” When we are perfectly positioned, the girl takes a picture. Thirty minutes later, it’s on Facebook, captioned “New Couple?” *** In 2009, shortly after the inauguration, 10% of the population believed that President Obama was born outside the United States. In 2010, the number was twice that. If you repeat something enough times it will become truth. *** ’M BAD AT LISTENING TO MUSIC. It’s embarrassing. I’m too cheap to pay for music, but not prepared to pirate the songs. So I use YouTube. I decide what song I want to listen to, type it into the search box, and there it is. Of course, there’s no shuffle, no auto play. Just that one song, one time. When it ends, I minimize whatever I’m doing, go back to YouTube, and hit “Play Again.” I listen to the same song for hours. “Wild Horses” took me through my junior thesis. “Drop the World” kept me going before the Chemistry AP. I played “Safety Dance,” the strangest one-hit wonder of the ‘80s, 156 times during exam week. *** These are things I know: 1.5% of non-smokers develop lung cancer. Auto-immune diseases are three times more common in women than men. ADD medication has long-term effects on the neural pathways in a way not dissimilar to cocaine. The odds of dying on any single airplane flight are the same as the odds of dying on any single car trip. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers. According to the latest actuarial tables, one out of every one hundred 17year-olds will be dead within 10 years. *** Today’s song is Waiting for the Worms. I’m on Facebook. Facebook is strange. In theory, it’s a way to stay connected with your social circle, to be part of a community at all times. In practice? Let’s see. “Darcie Barrett likes singing to herself and then realizing someone is listening.” Liking things is a new trend on Facebook. There is a whole website linked to Facebook which has pages and pages of common idiosyncrasies. “Kicking a rock as you walk” and “not stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk” are two examples. If you click “like,” the website will send that information to Facebook, which will automatically inform all of 44 imagine ISTOCK, vECTORSTOCK Jan/feb 2011

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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/february 2011
Big Picture
In My Own Words
Becoming Environmentally Eloquent
Bacteria vs. Polystyrene: Getting the Toxins Out
Feat of Clay
What Lies Beneath
Clean & Green?
Ocean Embrace
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Imagine Magazine - Johns Hopkins - January/February 2011