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first IMPRESSIONS THE SPORTS AND APPAREL GROUP Minding the Store w hen was the last time you walked around the mall and looked - I mean really looked - at decorated apparel trends? If you're not paying attention to what's happening at retail, you may be missing the boat in trying to stay competitive with your local rivals. There used to be about a two-year gap between what was going on in the retail marketplace and when those decorating trends trickled down to the wholesale part of the industry. That gap has closed in recent years, with retail trends being translated at the wholesale level more quickly than ever. I recently attended the MAGIC Marketplace in Las Vegas, the world's largest retail fashion trade event and a great place to spot trends. I've been attending this event for years, perusing the aisles for new techniques to develop editorial content for apparel decorators so they can learn new ways to keep their offerings fresh. This year's MAGIC did not disappoint, with hundreds of T-shirt preprints showcased in the vendors' booths. In addition to the licensed designs, there were many smaller screen printers, embroiderers and digital decorators who are on the cutting edge of what's hot in apparel decoration. Notable trends this year include the continued explosion of neon, whether in the ink color used in the designs or the color of the apparel itself. And ultra-soft, almost tissue-thin tees are at the forefront of fashion in the blanks arena. These garments call for special care in screen printing, and Impressions is there to guide you in the right direction on how to successfully print on these trendy tees. Look for a special Impressions Tech Tips Newsletter featuring printing tips in mid-April. In designs, the hottest themes are skulls and zombies. The former is translated in a variety of ways, from intricate realism to funky sugar skulls, often embellished with heat-applied panache to really make them shine. And the popularity of television shows like "The Walking Dead" undoubtedly adds to the buzz surrounding zombies. Finally, bling's still the thing. Rhinestones, studs, sequins and nail heads show no sign of slowing in popularity, as these easily applied additions can add sparkle and markup to your decorating repertoire. Find ways to incorporate these popular embellishments into your most basic designs and take your business to the next level. So, make plans to take a trip to the mall this weekend and find out what's really going on. By getting a jump on retail trends now and incorporating them into your services, you'll have a head start on your competition. Marcia Derryberry EDITOR IN CHIEF To comment on this editorial or to express your views on other matters, address your e-mail to 4 Impressions | April/May 2015 Editorial Office 1145 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 355 Alpharetta, GA 30009 EDITORIAL EDITOR IN CHIEF MARCIA DERRYBERRY | (770) 291-5574 SENIOR EDITOR JAMAR LASTER | (770) 291-5578 MANAGING EDITOR MICHELLE M. HAVICH | (770) 291-5412 ASSOCIATE EDITOR LAUREN MITCHELL | (770) 291-5403 ASSOCIATE EDITOR JOHN BURNS | (770) 291-5415 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS LEE CAROSELLI-BARNES, DANE CLEMENT, MARK A. COUDRAY, RICK DAVIS, DEBORAH JONES, JIMMY LAMB, JENNIFER A. MORRELL, JAMES ORTOLANI VICE PRESIDENT/CONTENT DOUG HOPE SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT ROY TURNER ART ART DIRECTOR WENDI VAN ELDIK | (770) 291-5520 GRAPHIC DESIGNER DENISE FIELDS | (770) 291-5487 ADVERTISING PUBLISHER LAURIE GONZ | (972) 694-0107 SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE JEANINE MORGAN | (972) 694-0108 SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE - CLASSIFIEDS DIANE KENNEDY | (770) 291-5519 PRODUCTION PRODUCTION DIRECTOR NAN MCDOWELL | (770) 291-5480 PRODUCTION MANAGER TERRI HILL | (770) 291-5481 CUSTOMER SERVICE BACK ISSUES | (800) 697-8859 SUBSCRIPTIONS | (800) 697-8859 REPRINTS AND EPRINTS THE YGS GROUP ANASTASIA MINICHINO | (800) 501-9571 X100 LIST RENTAL CONTACT YOUR TERRITORY MANAGER OR: GREGRY GILROY | (845) 201-5329 SCAN THE CODE BELOW TO SUBSCRIBE! Impressions is a trademark owned exclusively by Emerald Expositions, LLC. Copyright © 2015. Emerald Expositions, LLC. All rights reserved.

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