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Rush Follow these traffic tips to drive new customers and boost profits. Hour By Mark A. Coudray, Contributing Writer j ust like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, online businesses need traffic. After which, this traffic needs to be converted to either capture a potential customer's email address or place an order. In reality, 95% of the traffic landing on your website won't place an order the first time around. Knowing this means you need a steady, reliable traffic stream to your site to get orders. There are two main types of traffic: paid and free. But don't kid yourself - there's really no such thing as free traffic. If you're on a tight budget and decide to go the free route, you'll expend a lot of effort before attracting significant volume to your site. Free traffic takes time to develop. Paid traffic is like a switch that gets flipped - you buy it and within minutes, visitors start arriving. The more targeted and refined your traffic, the higher the conversion rate. However, the more precise the targeting, the higher the cost. Traffic costs generally are determined in advance by the conversion rates and how much profit you generate from each conversion. For now, we'll concentrate on getting as many low-cost visitors to your site as quickly as possible. In the past, I was a big proponent of using free traffic sources, which required me to simply find them and do the work to get the traffic to my site. It was slow 44 Impressions | April/May 2015

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Impressions - April 2015
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Impressions - April 2015