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Shop SPOTLIGHT Erasmus Apparel Sarah Erasmus, co-founder of Erasmus Apparel, began her business in a living room, where T-shirts were designed and then sold from her car. All photos provided by Pat Kane Photo. True to its Roots Nestled in Canada's Northwest Territories, Erasmus Apparel keeps it interesting, creative and aboriginally real. By Jennifer A. Morrell, Contributing Writer y ellowknife, Northwest Territorries - a town with a population of 20,000 situated on the North shore of Canada's Great Slave Lake - is home to more than picturesque views and the Northern Lights. Sarah Erasmus, co-founder of Erasmus Apparel (EA), has made her dreams come true there, creating apparel for residents and visitors alike. One-of-a-kind clothing that filled a niche for true Northerners was Erasmus' objective. With co-owners Shannon and Warren McLeod, Erasmus' aunt and uncle, that goal is being realized. "I absolutely love T-shirts," Erasmus says. "There was a niche missing in the North. Northerners are proud people who praise the unknown Arctic as one of the best places to live. We wanted to create clothing that represented that sense of pride people boast about." The business began in a living room, where the T-shirts were designed, and 48 Impressions | April/May 2015 then sold from Erasmus' car. The purchase of a manual M&R screen-printing press and the move into a garage happened quickly, followed by another move into a 1,000-square-foot house in downtown Yellowknife. EA's first order was for 174 T-shirts four years ago. Since then, the company has sold more than 40,000 items. EA has twice earned a local People's Choice award, as well as the award for Best Aboriginal Economic Developer of the Year. The company prides itself on being a community-minded business, giving back to the city in any way possible. In only four years, it has donated more than $8,000 to organizations like KidSport, the Stanton Foundation, local athletes, and has made hundreds of donations in the forms of clothing and merchandise. THE NUTS & BOLTS EA employs six people, adding parttime help during the summer months. Erasmus Apparel At A Glance Company Name: Erasmus Apparel Ltd. Address: P.O. Box 2102 Yellowknife, NT, Canada X1A 2P6 Year Founded: 2011 No. of Employees: 6 full-time (plus seasonal help) Decorating Methods Offered: embroidery, screen printing, direct-to-garment printing Company Website: Erasmus also functions as manager, while Shannon McLeod handles finance. Bryce Styan is production manager; Taylor Soloy handles sales; Allister McCreadie is in charge of production; and Mike Auge is assistant manager. The shop includes a small storefront and a production/storage area in the back. EA operates a six-color M&R manual

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Impressions - April 2015