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talking SHOP Embroidery Production Take Advantage of Monogram Madness This traditional one-off embroidery is more popular than ever, leaving room for extra profits for your business. By Deborah Jones, Contributing Writer u nless you've been living on another planet or in a cave for the past year, you've noticed that monograms are everywhere. When I opened my Internet browser two weeks before Christmas, I was stunned to see the term "monogram" was the No. 1 trending topic. I heard an interview in which a celebrity was asked what she would get Oprah Winfrey as a gift. Her reply was, "Something monogrammed." That says quite a lot about the perception of monograms; they can make a gift suitable for Oprah, a woman who seemingly has everything. Once primarily relegated to shirt cuffs, blouses and bathrobes, monograms now adorn everything from shoe tongues and boots to straw hats and chair backs. Let's explore what's driving this trend of personalizing every item that we can conceivably put a needle through. There are many incarnations of monograms. Perhaps the seeds of the current craze were sown by pre-embroidered and preprinted merchandise with single-initial monograms. It has almost certainly been fueled by embroidery offerings from mailorder companies such as Land's End and Whatever the origin, business is good for anyone who services the one-off personalization market. The trends may change in the coming months, but I think demand for monograms will continue to be strong for the foreseeable future. With interlocking, part of each letter is created in satin stitches, alternating with wider sections made using a random satin or a fill stitch. 54 Impressions | April/May 2015

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Impressions - April 2015