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talking SHOP Digital Decorating How to Maximize Product Margins See how the "good-better-best" model can help increase revenue for any given job. By Jimmy Lamb, Contributing Writer s ales are the backbone of a successful apparel decoration business, and a well-orchestrated sample kit is the key to turning sales opportunities into real profits. Regardless of whether you are selling embroidery, screen printing, digital printing, transfers or bling, you must invest in samples that get the attention of your clients, steer them to items that are profitable for you and inspire them to do business with your company. 66 Impressions | April/May 2015 Customers routinely focus on price, looking for the lowest-cost products offered. In most cases, that means smaller markups for you and lower quality for them. Upselling is a concept that is used to move the customer into a "better" range of products that have higher margins for you, thereby increasing your true revenue for any given job. The easiest way to do this is by incorporating a "good-better-best" methodology When creating sample kits, you may have to create a fictitious business or school name to avoid showing favoritism, which could hurt the sales process. that allows customers to do a hands-on comparative analysis of items within a given product category. For example, instead of showing a single 50/50 T-shirt, invest in light, medium and heavyweight versions. Lay them in front of customers and ask them to decide which is best for their needs. In nearly every case, they will prefer the heavyweight version after handling the products. In reality, they probably will end up buying the

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Impressions - April 2015
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Impressions - April 2015