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By Paul Sabatini, Contributing Writer * Glitter numbering products are just one of many ways to get unique jersey looks. Photo courtesy of Stahls', St. Clair Shores, Mich. Boost your sales by offering a greater array of choices and showing teams how they can stand out from the crowd with unique, customized numbers. umbering uniforms and fanwear is a steady business for any decorator located near schools or organizations with sports programs. While the traditional techniques and materials that have been used for decades still are the overwhelming preference, nontraditional materials and looks slowly are making inroads into this conservative marketplace. One reason is that today's technical and performancewear fabrics have required manufacturers to come up with new adhesives and materials that will stick and stay in place under aggressive activity. Another reason is that decorating technology has evolved. Manufacturers have done a lot of research and development, coming up with new heat-applied materials that allow for more colors, textures and patterns. This has 12 * Spring 2015 opened the door to more creativity and innovation in numbering. The challenge for decorators is keeping abreast of all these choices. From heatapplied materials to embroidery appliqué to digital, there is an option to fit any sport and budget. By getting up-to-speed on what's available, you can increase sales by showing clients new numbering styles, and by offering more interesting, eye-catching choices than anyone else in your area. SCREEN-PRINTED TRANSFER NUMBERS Screen-printed transfer numbers are offered by a variety of companies and are a fast, efficient way to number any type of team uniform. One-color numbers ship as soon as the same day from some suppliers, and there are a wide range of fonts, sizes and colors to choose from. When you order a screen-printed

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Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Spring 2015
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Playing the Numbers Game
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Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Spring 2015