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PRINT Seven winning trends in the team decorating industry. By Josh Ellsworth, Contributing Writer big part of the ongoing success of any decorated apparel shop in the team uniform market is staying abreast of the latest trends. Being perceived as the shop that always has the hottest new looks can be an advantage in this competitive arena. The saying "change or die" applies to team uniform decorating as much as anything else. While team uniforms are considered a traditional market, there are exceptions to the rule, and you want to make sure to present new looks to your team customers who may be ready for a change. Big brands like Nike, Under Armour and adidas drive some evolving industry trends, and they are good examples to look to for clues as to what direction team uniforms are moving toward. The following are seven observations of today's team uniform industry. A 1. DECORATING OPTIONS There are three primary ways to decorate team uniforms: screen printing, embroidery appliqué and heat-applied graphics. There are several sub-categories within the heat-applied graphics group, including screen-printed heat transfers, digital transfers (sublimation, inkjet, color laser printer, printer/cutter) and fi lm-based cutter materials. Each type of heat-applied graphic has its pros and cons, which should be taken into consideration when choosing which method to use for a particular job. For example, there are three ways to heat apply a number and name to a uniform. The fi rst method is to buy individual precut letters and numbers, and position and heat-seal them on a uniform. Another option is to purchase cutter material and cut your own numbers and names; however, cutting numbers can result in wasted material, especially in the production of twodigit numbers. The third way is to purchase precut and prespaced names and numbers, which come on a clear carrier sheet ready to be heat applied. Th is is the fastest production method, but also the most expensive. 12 * Fall 2016

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Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2016
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Impressions - Team & Spirit Apparel - Fall 2016