Blue Ridge Country - July/August 2013 - Intro

From the Desk of Richard Wells
Dear Friend:
If you are like me, you can’t wait to see our editors’ picks of the beautiful
images of nature and the mountains in every issue of Blue Ridge Country.
Just wait until you see what they look like in our new digital edition. They
are even more breathtaking when viewed on a high-resolution tablet or
So I am particularly pleased to share our very first digital issue with you.
Please note just a few things:
}There is an Asheville getaway sweepstakes that you can
enter. See page 5.
}This inaugural digital edition is free, but by fall only paid
subscribers will receive it. Please consider subscribing if you
are not a current subscriber.
}There is bonus content such as video, audio and slide shows.
See page 6 for details.
We’d love your feedback on this digital issue. I am grateful to a dedicated
staff that has made this new venture a reality. In fact, we are changing our
name from Leisure Publishing to LeisureMedia360 to better reflect the
changing world of media and our organization’s skill set.
Join us in celebrating our 25th Anniversary as Blue Ridge Country
goes digital!

Richard Wells
Founder & President

P.S. I encourage you to share this digital edition with others. We hope to
welcome new readers. You are a key to that measure of success. Thank you!

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Blue Ridge Country - July/August 2013