Blue Ridge Country - May/June 2015 - 23


The Parkway:v i r g i n i a
Best Small Town

Silver, Best College Town


Platinum, Best Retirement


P, Best Festival

P, Best College Town

5-tuggle's gap
P, Best Diner


P, Best Upscale Restaurant

7-Flying Mouse

Floyd -PlaTinum
BedFord- Gold
roanoke -Silver

Best retirement Town
Floyd- Gold
meadowS oF dan-Silver

Best College Town

lexinGTon- Gold
CharloTTeSville- Silver

must-See attraction

maBry mill, mP 174-PlaTinum

Gold, Best Brewery/Spirits

PeakS oF oTTer, mP 86- Gold (Tie)

8-peaks oF otter

mill mounTain STar, mP 120
-Gold (Tie)

9-kaBuki restaurant

Best Festival

10-hotel roanoke
regenCy rooM

olde Salem dayS, Salem
- Gold (Tie)

11-MaBry Mill

diCkenS oF a ChriSTmaS,
roanoke - Gold (Tie)


Best view along the drive

G, Must-See Attraction
S, Best Upscale Restaurant

S, Best Upscale Restaurant
P, Best View along Drive
P, Best Small Town

13-diCkens oF
a ChristMas

G, Best Festival


G, Best College Town

15-hotel Floyd

G, Best Lodging

FloydFeST, Floyd-PlaTinum

maBry mill, mP 174 -PlaTinum
PeakS oF oTTer, mP 86- Gold

Best lodging

PeakS oF oTTer lodGe, BedFord

hoTel roanoke, roanoke
- Gold (Tie)
hoTel Floyd, Floyd- Gold (Tie)

Best diner, drive-in or dive

TuGGleS GaP reSTauranT, Floyd
wriGhT'S dairy riTe, STaunTon
- Gold (Tie)
STarliTe drive-in, ChriSTianSBurG
- Gold (Tie)
reSTauranT aT maBry mill (Their
BBQ), mP 174- Gold (Tie)
mayBerry drive-in and diner,
moneTa- Gold (Tie)
Galax SmokehouSe, Galax
-Gold (Tie)
Blue ridGe reSTauranT, Floyd
- Gold (Tie)

Best upscale restaurant

ChaTeau morriSeTTe winery,
Floyd -PlaTinum
PeakS oF oTTer reSTauranT, mP
86 - Gold
kaBuki, roanoke- Silver (Tie)
hoTel roanoke reGenCy room,
roanoke- Silver (Tie)

Best Brewery / Spirits
devilS BaCkBone,
nellySFord -PlaTinum

Parkway BrewinG Co., Salem
- Gold (Tie)
FlyinG mouSe Brewery,
TrouTville - Gold (Tie)

Best winery

ChaTeau morriSeTTe, Floyd
PeakS oF oTTer winery, BedFord
- Gold

May/June 2015 23


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