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R THE GIST THE RECIPE Panini Perfection TOP 5 WAYS WOMEN ENJOY HOME 5 Constant infusion of new stuff from T.J. Maxx. 4 Spring clean-up/moving of household items from where they've been for years. 3 Deep attention to the Feng Shui wealth corner. 2 LIZ LONG Ongoing vigilance for ostensibly inevitable stinkbug infestation. The panini press adds a crunchy perfection to an already delicious sandwich. WHEN I GOT A panini press for Christmas, I was taken back to my college days at Longwood University, where the dining hall had an awesome panini station. There, my typical lunch included a roast beef and provolone on sourdough panini with ranch dressing on the side. Yum! After opening the gift, I felt my mind immediately racing with recipes that I could now make at home. The same ol' sandwich just wasn't going to cut it anymore. From now on, it would be taken to a whole new level. We buy turkey from the deli every week for our lunches, so I recently began playing around with ingredients to make our turkey sandwiches better. The Turkey and Brie with Apple Butter Panini that I came up with is to die for. I also added slices of green apple for a hint of tartness in every bite. There's just something about the panini press that makes a sandwich incredible. It toasts the bread (I use sourdough) to crunchy perfection and melts the cheese just beautifully. All of the ingredients are pressed together, making them even more complementary. I don't think I'll be able to enjoy a plain turkey sandwich ever again. 14 JULY/AUGUST 2014 Note: If you don't have a panini press, you can toast the sandwich in a skillet and place another heavy skillet on top to press it down. TURKEY & BRIE WITH APPLE BUTTER PANINI Serves 2 * * * * * * 4 slices sourdough bread 3-6 slices of deli turkey 2 Tbl. apple butter 1 Granny Smith apple 6 slices of Brie cheese 2 tsp. olive oil Heat panini press to medium high. Spread apple butter on one slice of bread per sandwich. Layer turkey, slices of apple and Brie on top of apple butter. Brush tops of bread with olive oil. Cook on panini press for about 5 minutes or until golden brown. 1 Grass needs cutting at 1.3-inch height. TOP 5 WAYS MEN ENJOY HOME 5 "Why do we have this endless string of useless stuff from T.J. Maxx?" 4 "Where are the pens and scissors now?" 3 "Feng who?" 2 "Have you seen a single stinkbug around here?" 1 "I think I'll wait till the blade gets sharpened." - JESSICA WRIGHT THE R OANOKER.COM http://www.THEROANOKER.COM

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