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R LETTERS DAVID HUNGATE N Z LO BY LI Letters I was impressed with the 911 heroes piece in May/June. After all, you showcased my sister-in-law, and she busts her tail for Roanoke City and she is a jack of all trades. I also enjoyed reading on all the firefighters, police officers and then some. One thing though. I was a bit disappointed in your lack of showcasing anyone involved in actually answering those 911 phone calls. It may surprise you that 911 dispatchers have one of the top-10 most difficult jobs in the country. Imagine for a second answering a telephone call from a stranger that just found her child not breathing. Imagine having to remain calm and talk the parent through CPR and whatever else is needed to attempt to save that child's life while at the same time dispatching rescue to their home (I'm fairly confident few people can multitask like a 911 dispatcher.) Next, imagine walking in the door of your own home an hour later, receiving a hug from your child all the while not even knowing if that child you were helping save actually made it. It's like watching a movie, up until the last 15 minutes, over and over again. It's maddening. It's numbing. It's difficult. Now, I do not know how this feels first hand. I am just an innocent bystander. I did not even think about these things until about five years ago when my husband became a 911 dispatcher. My husband hears and deals with things I couldn't possibly FI V O SER EED T ON E AN D PR Y BY GAT ATIE E&K LARR INGTO WH Y DO Y THE T THE WHA N ES Y DO T OTEC g day orkin er y w to life line ev approach n the ly of ves o t on r li why: ty no t thei d g onali ho pu stron do an ple w comm they out a ht peo you find a e on what an ab to eig v d sing th Talk specti ers an t choo p. of per less abou r care to hel lso ion of thei but a es are g compuls choic bidin career and a Their AN DAVID HUNGATE THE DISPATCHER'S ROLE SP ST RE R DERS RAPH HUN O 1 HER 91 O G | PH THE TOG ID DAV 30 MAY/JUNE 2014 THE R OANOKER.COM THE R OANOKER.COM MAY/JUNE 2014 31 Crystal Mason: "It may surprise you that 911 dispatchers have one of the top-10 most difficult jobs." imagine and yet, comes home without a negative thing to say and with a smile on his face. You see, even though he performs one of the hardest jobs in the country, he loves it. He feels a pride in his work and knows he is helping people, even the ones who abuse the service and just want to talk. He knows he is helping people. He knows he is saving lives, even though many people have no idea what his job entails. My husband loves his job so much, in fact, he works full time on Delta shift (basically, the 6pm-6am, and often three or four times a week), and he is going to school full-time to earn a higher position with his department. He is also on many panels or committees. And, by the way, he is also our 7-year old's main caregiver. My husband works hard, but he loves every minute of it. So, next time you have an article showcasing heroes, consider speaking with some of the unsung heroes I know, who spend 12 hours of their day sitting in a room with no windows, saving lives over the phone. My husband is my hero. As are my brother and sister-in-law. All work for Roanoke City, in one way or another, keeping the people of this great city safe and sound. -Crystal Mason, Roanoke STAN THE MAN I am disappointed that the May/June's "Best of Roanoke," [readers] named Zee's Salon and Day Spa with the Platinum Award, yet failed to mention Stan Robinson as the skincare therapist for Zee's. Stan is the best, and has cared for me and my friends for years! I could not help but notice that for many of the honors you named specific people. You realize what an honor a mention in your magazine is for businesses, but let's not forget the special "behind the scenes" people who make the magic happen. -Linda Puckett, Roanoke Mea Culpae * In May/June's short on the new LOVEworks in downtown Roanoke, the correct amount of the grant associated with the project is $1,200. THE LONG ARM OF VLADIMIR PUTIN? Due to a problem in uploading files to our printer, parts of page 63 in May/June's Best of Roanoke awards were illegible. Below are the categories and winners from that page. Our apologies to the winners. BEST THING TO HAPPEN IN ROANOKE, 2013 Platinum (tie): Center in the Square updates; Elmwood Park renovation Silver: Announcement of Passenger Rail 8 JULY/AUGUST 2014 BEST NEW BUSINESS, 2013 BEST KEPT SECRET IN TOWN Platinum: Platinum: Just Dance Roanoke Pure Barre Gold: Parkway Brewing Co. Silver: The Candy Store Gold: Brickhouse CrossFit Silver: Roanoke Valley CrossFit THE R OANOKER.COM http://www.THEROANOKER.COM http://www.THEROANOKER.COM http://www.THEROANOKER.COM

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