The Roanoker - September/October 2014 - 114

There would be
no phone calls...
and no emails
to return.

Good food and beer is just one requirement for Beth Macy's perfect weekend.

Beth Macy,
Best-Selling Author
Life is pretty good for Beth Macy these days.
The Roanoke writer has her first book "Factory Man," on the New York Times Best Seller
list. It's getting wonderful reviews nationwide and has led to a second book which
she is in the process of writing. It's been a
good summer.


And with such rewarding times, you'd
think she would reward herself with some
glamorous and exotic trips. But that's not
how Macy lives her life. No, if she had her
perfect weekend with no limitations, it
would be a simple mix of the outdoors, food,
beer, family and friends, all in Virginia.

It would start on Friday evening with
a short drive to a Botetourt County cabin
along the James River. Somewhere quiet and
peaceful that includes a nice dinner and a
cold bottle of suds to set the tone of the next
two days.
Saturday morning would begin with
family and breakfast. With her husband
Tom and their two sons, she would hit the
water. Well, not exactly hit; more like a slow
float for a few hours down the James to the
Town of Buchanan. She would arrive just in
time for lunch at a favorite spot - Ransone's
Drug Store. There would be a big, greasy
cheeseburger and fries with malt vinegar on
her plate.
From there, the dream weekend would
include a flight to the family retreat on the
Rappahannock River near the Chesapeake
Bay. There would be plenty of time to spend
on a boat powered either by motor or sail...
it doesn't matter which. It's the views and the
smells and the company that matter when
you're out on a boat. And the oysters. Saturday
evening would be spent at Merroi's Restaurant
in the little village of Topping. It's a place that
is known for seafood and beer. Good seafood
and good beer.
Sunday morning brings her back to
Roanoke and a leisurely massage. Then,
she would spend the rest of the day in the
yard. Some gardening and taking care of the
house is relaxing. There would be no phone
calls, no text messages and no emails to
return. Just the simple joy of being at peace
in your own home.
Sunday dinner with family and friends
sharing conversations that inspire and
entertain would make Beth Macy's perfect
weekend complete.




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