The Roanoker - September/October 2014 - 84

Date: August 1989
Photographer: Tim Trevilian
Subject: "Cookin' Cheap" hosts Laban Johnson and Larry Bly were the
perfect subjects for the dining issue.
Among their picks for the best
in Roanoke, only a precious few
survive: Alexander's, the Regency
Room, The Roanoker, El Rodeo,
Aesy's and Montano's. Most-mentioned among the lost: Norberto's
and Fesquet's.

Date: July 1993
Photographer: Douglas Miller
Subject: Dr. William Fintel graced
our first Top Docs cover, with Doug
Miller creating a strongly medical
aura around Roanoke's long-time
favorite oncologist.


Date: June 1996
Photographer: Douglas Miller
Subject: Sidney Weinstein at 75 had
just taken up a new career as a real
estate agent. Norma Lugar's fond
profile praised the founder of the
Sidney's empire, at one time including 71 stores in eight states and
some 650 employees.

Date: July/August 1998
Photographer: Douglas Miller
Subject: TV's John Carlin was the
subject of Norma Lugar's nice-guysfinish-first profile of the Carlin family and included a nice shot of John
and Mary Carlin at the finish line of
a marathon they'd run together.

Date: May/June 2000
Photographer: Douglas Miller
Subject: Channel 10 anchor Barbara Gibbs was perhaps the most
compelling of the magazine's long
series of newscaster winners for
Best Local Sex Symbol in the Best
of Roanoke reader polling.. She
moved on soon after this "slip-of-adress" pose.

Date: May/June 2002
Photographer: Douglas Miller
Subject: Patrick Henry High freshman Clare Wooddall-Gainey, the
YMCA long-course record holder
for the 100- and 50-meter freestyle
events, carried Norma Lugar's cover
story on "Young Stars," a group
that also included a 17-year-old
Cave Spring senior named J.J.

Date: May/June 2008
Photographer: David Hungate
Subject: The H&C sign, in combination with Creative Director Leonard
Loria's touch with type, created
among the most distinctive Best
of Roanoke covers in the three
decades of reader polling.

Date: January/February 2014
Photographer: David Hungate
Subject: Happy models Lydia Tran
and Scott Shivley combined talents
with Creative Director Austin Clark's
playful touch with the marquee and
David Hungate's (assisted by Rhiannon Jennings) fine touch with lighting to create a welcoming cover for
the annual Sourcebook edition.



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