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FROM THE EDITOR / REPAIRS / WORTH A CLICK The Doctor Years As the saying goes: Consider the alternative. IT'S SOMETHING OF a demographic urban myth that we skip the dentist for our 20s, and the regular doctor until well into our 40s. Certainly not true of everyone, but there are those of us who remain secretly proud of having done such, despite the inadvisability. Which I'm paying for now, I guess. In the form of four teeth cleanings a year, from two different levels of dentistry. Along with whole new meanings for the likes of 5, 6 and, yikes, 7. Not to mention the enjoyments of other semi-geezerly things like colonoscopies, annual checkups, and regular blood-pressure tests, where the old white-coat syndrome excuse is now greeted with a perspective that goes, "Well, if it gets elevated in this stressful setting, Kurt, then we have to assume it does in others too." Ooh, all common-sense on me. Overall point being that I hate going to the doctor as much as any 12-year-old. With the accompanying point being that I am approaching-all these decades beyond being anywhere near 12-the threshold of appreciating the benefits at a level almost commensureate with hating on the the going. WORTH-A-CLICK Almost. And the other overall point being that when you reach a certain age, you tend to know and admire certain doctors and dentists first-hand, and you also know and admire some through the experiences of others. Not that Roanoke is unique to fine health care providers. But the bounty of good doctors here goes along with things like how friendly people are and how great our outdoors opportunities are to create part of the Roanoke Valley's charm, reputation and value as a place to live. As we say in our intro to this year's Top Docs (beginning on page 22), those listings are but one part of finding the right doctor in the right specialty for you. But then the word of hundreds of voting nurses can't be all wrong. Happy health. -KURT RHEINHEIMER CORRECTIONS Our apologies for the following errors in May/June's "Best of Roanoke" results: 1. Vote For Your Favorite Restaurants And WIN! Visit to cast your ballot in our Readers' Choice Dining * The sole affiliation for Dr. Nina K. Sweeney Awards survey and you could win a $100 GIFT CARD! (Platinum, Best Family Practice Physician) is Roanoke Partners in Health. 2. More From The Black Hen & Bar Blue For additional recipes of blood orange sauce, lemon shortbread crumble, and greek yogurt sorbet, visit * Dr. James A. Kelly (Gold, Best OB/GYN) spells his name as above. 3. More Outdoor Entertaining! * Ideal Cabinets Design Studio is the correct For more recipes and a behind-the-scenes video from our outdoor entertaining photo- business name for the winner of Gold, Best shoot, visit! Kitchen & Bath Remodeler and Gold, Best Custom Cabinetry. PLUS: GET YOUR FREE E-NEWSLETTERS! Visit today to get more exclusive content In March/April's "Rape: Speaking about the delivered directly to your inbox every month! Unspeakable," the outreach to junior and senior high school girls from the VOICE (Vio- FOLLOW THE ROANOKER lence Can End) was undertaken by the Family Coordinating Council. 10 | JULY/AUGUST 2015 THEROANOKER.COM http://www.THEROANOKER.COM

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