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by Grant Williams, marketing coordinator for CSF, Inc. A dding aftermarket performance upgrades like suspension lifts, superchargers, turbochargers and engine tunes are appealing ways to create a personalized vehicle with increased on or off-road performance. Notice I didn’t say “cheap” or “efficient” ways because such upgrades usually require considerable investments of time and money. But increasing the output of an engine often means increasing the demands placed on its support systems including the cooling system. withstand considerably higher levels of heat, pressure, vibration and vehicle frame shock. Here are some specific recent examples of how the installation of a high performance all-aluminum radiator was able to effectively solve significant engine cooling problems. Nissan Titan Introduced in 2004, the Nissan Titan was very well-received (nominated for Edmunds “Truck of the Year” in 2004) and continues to be a popular choice with American pick-up owners. Even so, the Titan was not totally without fault, and one was the inability of the OE radiator to handle the relatively high heat and pressure that built up in the cooling system due to a leak-prone head gasket. A situation where a vehicle is consistently running hot – thus not performing at its full potential – or overheating to the point where the engine actually needs to be shut off all too often ends in complete cooling system failure. That may damage or destroy those valuable upgrades, or worse, the engine itself. Excess heat and engine overheating is usually due to one or more of the following factors; a poorly designed cooling system, insufficient airflow to the radiator, or using a radiator that is inadequate to keep up with the heat generated from the added high performance modifications. Overcoming these types of engine cooling problems can often be completely or partially solved by installing a high performance aftermarket radiator. An expertly manufactured heavy duty allaluminum performance radiator can provide up to twice or more times the cooling capability and is much stronger than a typical plastic tank/aluminum core OE unit and is therefore able to A two-row aluminum replacement can handle additional heat and pressure. ACTION • September/October 2011 23

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ACtion Magazine - September/October 2011
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ACtion Magazine - September/October 2011