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Last Watch Placeholders in the ether Elvis Hoffpauir W e all clearly see how technology has changed, and continues to change, the whole world. Within our own industry, technology’s impact is pervasive, from the vehicles we work on to the tools and equipment we use for their maintenance and repair. It’s also obvious how technology has changed the way we communicate. I remember back in the day when a fax machine was an essential office tool. We still have a fax server in our office, but I can’t remember the last fax I received which was directed to my attention. Given the many Internet-based alternatives, this communications tool has largely gone out of favor, and the traffic my office receives via this media consists mainly of unwanted promotions for discounts on vacation cruises or sales pitches for building siding from local vendors, along with the occasional take-out menu. I will dare to further date myself by stating that I remember when a “mobile phone” and its accoutrements had to be accommodated in something with roughly the bulk and weight of an overnight bag. Not so obvious, perhaps, is how technology is changing us. We couldn’t help but laugh when we saw the news clip of the woman walking through the mall, so focused on texting another party that she walked into a fountain. And we’re chagrined when a stranger talks loudly on a cell phone in a public place, completely oblivious to all others around them, but we may have done that too. Then there are the teenagers (and yes, some older folks) who text each other across a room, or across the dining table. Our embrace of everything from “Angry Birds” to apps, I-Pads to smart phones, has not only changed our lexicon but reflects fundamental changes in our society. For those of us in business today, who hope to be in business tomorrow, dismissing these changes as temporary cultural aberrations would likely be a fatal mistake. Many of us are on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, even though quite a few of us don’t have a clue why we’re “there,” or what to do next. Hopefully we have a website, but unfortunately Reader Reply No.100 Reader Reply No.23 ACTION • September/October 2011 41

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ACtion Magazine - September/October 2011
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ACtion Magazine - September/October 2011