BC Cancer - Fall 2017 - 3


A Community's Passion

Driven to improve the lives of those with cancer
As I look back on the many
happenings at the BC Cancer
Foundation these past few months,
one word stands out in my mind:
Sitting at a beautiful, long,
Tuscan-inspired table with Elpie
Marinakis Jackson at her event-
Wedgewood Hotel & Spa's Frank
Giustra Cooks-I was astounded by
the intimate gathering that came to life to honour her
mother, Eleni Skalbania, founder of the boutique hotel.
It was clear I was witnessing a philanthropic passion
passed down for generations.
Eleni was a fervent advocate for cancer research before
she passed away from lung and brain cancer in 2013.
The support Eleni provided to BC Cancer has resulted in
remarkable improvements in treating both lung and brain
cancer patients in our province. While I never had the
privilege of meeting Eleni, I can tell you that her legacy
and the impact of her commitment continues to this day,
especially through her daughters Elpie and Marousa.
While more than 60 guests enjoyed delicious Italian
fare prepared by Frank Giustra and friends, followed by
an ethereal performance by Sarah McLachlan, I was truly
inspired by the sheer passion in the room for the cause, as
the evening raised an enormous $247,500 toward The Eleni
Skalbania Fund for Brain Cancer.

We are a close community, driven by a collective
passion to honour loved ones facing, or lost to, cancer.
In February, I witnessed this same drive as brave
Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) patients willing to
share their stories gathered to watch The Nature of Things:
Cracking Cancer at CBC's studios in Vancouver.
The episode showcased the very fabric of what BC
Cancer is and the roles we each play in making cancer
a more manageable disease-and one day, a curable
one. Vital work like that of Dr. Marco Marra, director of
BC Cancer's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre
and co-leader of the POG Program, brings new hope for
patients with metastatic cancer (see more on page 8).
As you read this issue of Partners in DISCOVERY, I hope
that you are inspired to share the passion of our patients,
clinicians, donors and community. It's a force that drives
BC Cancer's critical research and care forward. Because
of your partnership, we are collectively helping British
Columbians and their families who are facing cancer.

Sarah Roth
President and CEO, BC Cancer Foundation

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Dr. Marco Marra says "now
is the time" One of the most

influential leaders in the field of cancer
genomics shares his vision for treating
people with metastatic cancer.


Testing to prevent cancer
in families A genetic test can

inform people like ovarian cancer survivor Rose Lee, above right, if hereditary cancer runs in their family.


Counselling program
helps families affected by
cancer to cope Patient and Family
Counselling Services focuses on the
emotional health of people with cancer and their families.




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BC Cancer - Fall 2017
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Dr. Marco Marra says “now is the time”
Testing to prevent cancer in families
Counselling program helps families affected by cancer to cope
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