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Contents FALL 2016 THE BIG STORY Didn't like them as a kid? You will now. PAGE 46 It's your (other) full-time job: keeping your family healthy and safe. PAGE 14 IN EVERY ISSUE 2 3 4 6 32 33 38 40 FEATURES 8 9 Health Info On-Site On your computer or on the go, get to know Drs. Mom and Dad Parents know: Kids need constant care and attention to be as healthy as possible. 10 Dad-vocate Actor Chris Pratt is spreading the word about premature birth after his son was born nine weeks early. 14 Keeping Kids Safe From food allergies (know the signs) to crib bumpers (don't use them!), there's a lot to know to protect your children. 22 Get Schooled Whether your kids are 3 or 18, back-to-school time is always an adjustment. We have some advice that can help them and you. 28 Building an Alzheimer's Toolkit It isn't always easy to communicate with a loved one with Alzheimer's, but it is possible-and important. 49 Winning at Losing Read the stories of people who got help to finally beat obesity. 52 Go with the (Blood) Flow A GMC physician talks about the "vascular" in cardiovascular health. 42 56 Electronic Cigarettes and 'Vaping' E-cigarettes are popular, but are they safe? Hear from a Gwinnett Medical Center expert. 44 46 48 Phil's Feature 3 Easy Ways Out of the White Coat Healthy Dose The Quick List This Just In The Truth: ADHD How To: Prepare for a Colonoscopy Freak Out or Chill Out: Childhood Illnesses At a Glance: Smoking In the Market: Brussels Sprouts Health by the Numbers: Organ Donation What's your body shape telling you? PAGE 34 54 Team Players Certified athletic trainers share their advice for student-athletes recovering from sports injuries. COVER PHOTO BY GETTY IMAGES/ALBERT L. ORTEGA FALL 2016 1

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2016 - Gwinnett Medical Center