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GIRL TALK AVE MORE THAN YOU SPEND.” “ALWAYS WEAR LIPSTICK.” “BE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE.” “FIND A CAREER YOU LOVE AND DO IT WELL.” Growing up, I rolled my eyes at my grandmothers’ and mother’s unsolicited advice. But as I get older, I reflect on the wisdom they offered me and admit that, for the most part, they were right. In addition to relationship advice and wrinkle-fighting tips, I realized that the wise women in my life also could help me make better health decisions now so that I can be active and healthy in my later years. To gain even more insight, I interviewed several women and experts to share their tips and secrets for a healthy lifestyle. Here, they bestow their nutrition, exercise, disease prevention, relationship and community involvement advice to help you make better health decisions today. But don’t worry. They won’t tell you that you have to finish all the vegetables on your plate (although it’s not a bad idea!). Four women, ages 53 to 84, share their secrets to achieving a healthy, active lifestyle By Julie Wlodychak PHOTOGRAPHY BY PHOTOLIBRARY 10 Vim & Vigor · SUM M ER 2 011

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2011 - Community Healthcare
Community Message
When Stroke Strikes, Seconds Count
Rays of Hope Fight Cancer
Girl Talk
Say What?
Action Plan
Like This? Try That!
Being George Clooney
A Day in the Life of Your Heart
Unexpected Heroes
Get in Gear
A Real Lifesaver
A Real Lifesaver
Spotlight on Community Hospital
Spotlight on St. Catherine Hospital
Spotlight on St. Mary Medical Center
A Safer Hospital Stay

Vim & Vigor - Summer 2011 - Community Healthcare