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CALL For information on digital mammography and same-day results offered through the Women’s Diagnostic Centers of Community Healthcare System, call 219-836-3477. Get Same-Day Results YearlY InspectIons The FDA, the American College of Radiology and organizations such as American Registry of Radiologic Technologists ensure mammograms are safe. The field has been strictly regulated since the Mammography Quality Standards Act in 1992. About 8,700 mammography facilities are FDA-accredited in the U.S. If a site isn’t accredited, it cannot provide mammograms. Each site undergoes outside scrutiny every year by a medical physicist and an FDA-approved inspector, Butler says. The American College of Radiology also reviews image quality and grants certification. People operating the units also are certified. Radiologic technologists take hours of training and must prove, under supervision, that they meet standards, Peart says. “You have to learn radiation protection for both the patient and the technologist.” The breast cancer survival rate has been climbing since 1975. Almost all women survive when the disease is detected early. And yet the cancer that strikes one in eight women is also the second-deadliest. That’s why experts urge women to not let radiation concerns stop them from getting mammograms. “Death from breast cancer is a leading cause of premature death in women,” Smith says, “and thus the benefit-risk ratio is considerably in favor of regular mammography.” No Wait, Less Worry Waiting for the results of a mammogram can be an anxious experience. At the Women’s Diagnostic Centers of Community Healthcare System, patients can receive the results of their mammogram the very day of the test, and mammograms are performed with full-field digital mammography technology. Many women, including women under 50 and those who are perimenopausal or have dense breasts, can benefit from digital mammography since the screening provides better visualization of the breast tissue. Our Centers are supported by fellowship-trained, dedicated breast radiologists available to discuss patients’ results and answer questions. In addition, certified breast health navigators, specially trained to coordinate the clinical, educational and supportive needs of our patients, are also available for guidance and consultation. photograph by radius images/Corbis 48 Vim & Vigor • SUM M ER 2 011

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Vim & Vigor - Summer 2011 - Community Healthcare
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When Stroke Strikes, Seconds Count
Rays of Hope Fight Cancer
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Action Plan
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Being George Clooney
A Day in the Life of Your Heart
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A Real Lifesaver
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Spotlight on St. Catherine Hospital
Spotlight on St. Mary Medical Center
A Safer Hospital Stay

Vim & Vigor - Summer 2011 - Community Healthcare