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SPOTLIGHT ON: St. Catherine hoSpital by AngelA Moore A Dose of Quality Care Retail pharmacy fills prescription for excellence in service D octors and staff at St. Catherine Hospital were concerned patients were putting their health at risk by skipping prescription refills to save money. To provide extra support in making informed choices about patients’ health and in taking their medications, the Pharmacy department at St. Catherine Hospital recently opened a retail outlet. “St. Catherine Hospital recognizes the value in providing a continuum of patient care—one that doesn’t end after discharge,” says Koula Tsahas, RPh, the director of pharmacy at St. Catherine Hospital. “The new hospital-owned retail pharmacy represents a significant opportunity to expand services to patients, the community, as well as to hospital employees and our volunteers.” According to Tsahas, St. Catherine’s pharmacy care team is committed to “helping our patients stay healthy. High-cost prescription medication is a leading reason of noncompliance and oftentimes is a reason why patients are readmitted into hospitals.” She adds that St. Catherine’s retail pharmacy staff will work with patients and their physicians St. Catherine Hospital pharmacists and staff serve as a direct connection to the hospital and ongoing treatment by educating patients about the importance of continuing their medicine and making sure they refill their prescriptions in a timely manner. 54 Fa l l 2 013 to develop a healthcare medication plan that is specific to their needs. In addition, by having the retail pharmacy located inside the hospital, St. Catherine’s pharmacy care team will play a major role in helping the patient transition back home by ensuring that patients receive their medications and get an opportunity to receive medication counseling before they are discharged from the hospital. “The patient connection with the pharmacy care team will continue following discharge,” says Tsahas. The pharmacist will be contacting patients at home to reinforce proper medication usage, avoid, prevent and resolve medication-related issues by answering any questions and encouraging follow-up with their physician.” A Focus on PAtient needs St. Catherine Hospital pharmacists use the most up-todate computer programs and state-of-the-art robotic automation refill for safety. The equipment enables staff to track pertinent health information about patients and fill prescriptions in a timely manner. “Patient safety is always top priority, and with the proper tools we make sure our patients are receiving the proper medicine, education and care that they deserve,” Tsahas adds. “At St. Catherine Hospital, we treat the entire patient and are mindful of their entire well-being,” says Craig Bolda, chief operating officer. “Many patients have socioeconomic challenges, and with our combined resources and the stewardship of our staff, physicians and support of the Community Healthcare System, we are able to provide extraordinary quality care.” For example, if a patient doesn’t own a vehicle and cannot pick up a prescription, delivery service is available, Bolda says. Tsahas also works with pharmaceutical companies to ensure that the patients at St. Catherine Hospital are receiving the most cost-effective prescriptions.

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2013 - Community Healthcare
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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2013 - Community Healthcare