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CONTENTS SPECIAL A Night of Haunted Elegance Complete with creative costumes, this spirited gala raises money for community health resources. 8 DEPARTMENTS 2 Tasty Tips Chef Michelle Dullard shares her recipe for chocolate truffles. 3 Opening Thoughts Make sure you get the best value for your healthcare dollars. 4 Community Calendar Check out the classes and support groups at PMC this spring. 46 Virtual Health A video for dizziness, a stress-reducing app, and much more! 50 Community Health Tai chi, a gentle martial art, can help you build strength and selfconfidence as you age. 6 10 14 18 20 25 FEATURES Your Bridge to Healthcare When you sign up for HealthBridge, you get tailored healthcare information anytime, anywhere—for free! You’re the Star Find out how you can take the lead role in your own healthcare. Heart-to-Heart Four women share their harrowing stories of heart disease, along with lifesaving advice. Lighten Up! Get the skinny on how losing a little weight can make a big difference in your health. Have No Fear Don’t let concerns about joint replacement keep you from living. Work It! This easy office makeover can help you stay fit and reduce stress on the job. 34 38 42 49 52 What Are the Chances? Which behaviors are risky when it comes to cancer and which are just hype? We clear up the confusion. 9 Symptoms Never to Ignore When do those minor aches and pains indicate something more? Here are nine reasons to call your doctor. When Allergies Attack Do you know fact from fiction when it comes to allergies? Learning to Be Healthy Reversing a troubling trend of childhood obesity, we’re teaching preschoolers that eating well and being active is a way of life. Business Black Belts Take a look into the no-stoneunturned process of streamlining operations at Parrish Medical Center. COVER PHOTO BY EVAN AGOSTINI 54 Foundation Focus Pauline Bryan Society members are recognized for gifts of at least $100 per year. 56 Ask the Expert Foot problems can affect your whole body. Read about the most common concerns. ON THE COVER 28 Because she has such an effervescent personality, you probably never would have guessed that Diane Keaton has asthma. But she is breathing easier now and living a full, joyful life even with the condition. And so can you! SPRI NG 2013 1

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Vim & Vigor - Spring 2013 - Parrish Medical Center
Tasty Tips
Opening Thoughts
Community Calendar
Your Bridge to Healthcare
A Night of Haunted Elegance
You’re the Star
Lighten Up!
Have No Fear
Work It!
Diane Keaton
What Are the Chances?
9 Symptoms Never to Ignore
When Allergies Attack
Virtual Health
Learning to Be Healthy
Community Health
Business Black Belts
Foundation Focus
Ask the Expert

Vim & Vigor - Spring 2013 - Parrish Medical Center