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Contents FALL 2015 THE BIG STORY You can't beat the benefits of beets. A healthier diet comes from mindful choices, not sacrifice. PAGE 46 IN EVERY ISSUE PAGE 16 2 3 4 5 33 38 40 FEATURES 6 Scoliosis in Adults and Children Find out the cause of this spinal deformity in young and old, plus proven treatments for setting things straight. 9 10 A Change Would Do You Good Need to improve your health? So do most of us. Change Agent Jillian Michaels wants you to make a change (and she won't even yell). 14 Making a Change Changing your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle is easier than you might think. 22 Heartbreak High You might recall this cast of characters from class. But do you see the habits that affect heart health? 28 A Letter from Your Colon Why get a colorectal cancer screening? Hear it from the colon itself. 52 Learning to Walk Again A head-on collision crushed her legs, but Patty Grimm got back on her feet with a UVA care team at her side for every step. 54 Preparing for Your Child's Surgery Here's what to do-and what not to do-to make the experience easier for everyone. 42 56 Best Start for Baby "Rooming in" is a growing maternity trend with significant health benefits. Find out why. Correction: The "Freak Out or Chill Out?" article in the Summer 2015 issue misstated that poison ivy and poison oak are the same plant. They are similar but different plants. 44 46 48 Life in Balance Healthy Dose Ask the Expert: Sinus Relief Make 1 Change: Cut 10 Calories This Just In The Truth About Skin How To: Prep for Pregnancy Quiz: Freak Out or Chill Out? At a Glance: Risky Business In the Market: Beets Health by the Numbers: Seasonal Suffering Do cookies have more calories than wine? PAGE 34 49 When Diets and Exercise Aren't Enough See how this Waynesboro woman kept the weight off for good. COVER PHOTO BY GETTY/CBS PHOTO ARCHIVE FALL 2015 1

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Vim & Vigor - Fall 2015 - University of Virginia