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N e w s C A I CAI N E W S Inside: 6 Membership News 8 Upcoming Events 14 Maine News 16 Massachusetts News 18 Rhode Island News 20 Vermont News MEMBERSHIP NEWS CAI Members-Only Content Sample Forms and Contracts C AI has an expansive amount of online content, but much of it is created just for our members. This includes archived newsletters, an extensive research library and informative articles on common association issues such as rules enforcement, conflict resolution, assessment collection and reserve funds. In addition, sample forms and contracts covering a variety of day-to-day community association operational issues—among them maintenance and bidding—are available. Members logged in to their CAI accounts can check out the following resources at Top Hits on the CAI-NE Web Site The CAI-NE Web site — — provides invaluable resources and information for volunteer board members and industry professionals. Check out the following pages. • rogram & Event Registration: P Board Member Basic Training • bout CAI-NE: A A Message from the President • elpful Resources: H Resource Directories • ondo Media Magazine: C Subscribe to Condo Media • ponsorship & Advertising: S Chapter Partnerships 6 Condo Media • March 2013 Maintenance • Sample Carpet Analysis • Sample Community Association Maintenance Contact Sheet • Sample Disaster Plan for a Condominium Association • Sample Grounds Maintenance Record • Sample Maintenance Calendar • Sample Responsibility Chart for Residents in a Planned Community • Sample Work Order/ Response Form • Typical Language on Physical Assets and Their Maintenance from Governing Documents for a Condominium Association Bidding & Contracting • A Decision Chart for Choosing Between Association Staff and Contracting Out • A Landscaping Maintenance Contract • Bid Comparison Spreadsheet— Lawn Bid • Bid Sheet & Pool Maintenance • Landscape Maintenance Specification • Request for Proposal—Asphalt Work • Request for Proposal—Painting • Request for Proposal— Pool Maintenance • Request for Proposal— Snow Removal CM

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Condo Media - March 2013
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Condo Media - March 2013