Ventura Inspiration Guide 2018 - 52


Written by Taylor Freeman



Photos by Kamilo Bustamante and Steve Cattanach

entura's budding craft-beer scene continues to pick up
steam. As a 25-year-old Ventura native, I returned home
after college and in a few years, BAM! - It was a whole
new world. I've spent the last few months traveling the
U.S., sampling beer, rubbing elbows with brewmasters, and
picking their brains on how they make their beer. So I was stoked
to come back to Ventura and meet brewers in my hometown.
First, I visited Poseidon Brewing Company
(, where I met the founder, Brian Oliver.
He's a retired Navy vet whose passion for craft beer began with
home brewing. When his wife scraped together a "shoestring
budget" as he put it, he fulfilled his dream of opening a brewery.
Taylor Freeman: So why Ventura?
Brian Oliver: In the military, out of 23 years, 22 of those have
been on the base here and Ventura has been my home. I love the
area. I love the people, and you can't beat the weather. There's
also a huge agricultural industry here.
TF: Speaking of agriculture, a lot of your beers feature fresh
fruit. Where do you source your ingredients?
BO: We get a lot of our ingredients locally. For our grapefruit IPA,
we source our grapefruits from local area farms. You're not going
to get any fresher than that.
TF: What's your signature beer?
BO: When that phone rings, people ask, "Is the grapefruit IPA on
tap?" People love that one.
Of course after hearing this, I had to try it, and my socks were
knocked right off. The freshness of those grapefruits comes
through to make it a light, drinkable IPA.


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