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Next up was Topa Topa Brewing
Company (, where I sat
and chatted with Jack Dyer, one of the
co-founders. He was a self-proclaimed
"not so good" home brewer in his humble
beginnings, but after teaming up with his
business partner, they turned it around
and now crank out delicious brews.
TF: So there's no real ego in this for you
and your old recipes ... you're always
trying to be new and fresh?
Jack Dyer: Absolutely. Our business
philosophy is to surround ourselves with
good people, and that's the best way to
make the best beer. And if you're in this
business, you need to think you make the
best beer around. I think we do.
TF: When it comes to Topa Topa, what's
your "thing"?
JD: Quality is our number one. You're
never going to have a bad beer here. Topa
Topa also focuses on freshness. We have
a fairly strict freshness threshold, and you
can taste that in the beer.
TF: So if I'd never been to Ventura before
and I come in here, what is the Topa Topa
"you gotta try this"?
JD: We make a great pilsner, so if you like
a lighter-bodied beer, or less hop-forward
beer, try the pilsner. It's fantastic, easy
drinking, and great for a sunny day.
After our chat, we went to the tasting room,
where I tried - and fell in love with - the
Chief Peak IPA. It's piney and crisp with
a slight herbal flavor. I would have taken
some in a to-go cup but, that's not really a
good idea. Instead, I'll return soon to their
sunny patio with a full glass, ready to raise
a toast to Ventura's beer scene.


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Taylor Freeman lives in Los Angeles but comes home to Ventura often.
She's currently traveling the US and Asia filming and exploring craft
breweries for World of Beer. Keep up with her adventures on Instagram @freezyfilms and Twitter @taytayfree.



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