Ventura Inspiration Guide 2018 - 62


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says Spano, who has since become such a part of the Rubicon
family that "my daughters feel like they've grown up there."
Spano has stood beneath the Rubicon lights for a handful of
plays, including Waiting for Godot and Who's Afraid of Virginia
Woolf?, and he's seen the more important work behind the scenes.
"Everyone at the Rubicon has always passionately believed in
the theatre as a profession and a calling, and recognized actors,
and all stage artists, as worthy of making a living at the vocation
to which they have dedicated their lives," he says.
A place where dreams are brought to life. And sometimes
become a life. And always make us consider life.
In the dim cool of her theatre, Burns looks toward the stage.
"Theatre brings people together," she says. "There's something
healing about people sitting together in the dark, laughing and
crying and having a shared experience. Art and theatre go back
to the beginning of civilization. They've always been a way to
convey our history, our ideas, our emotions. They connect us to
our humanity."


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In nearby Simi Valley, the Reagan
Library is one of the region's most
unique destinations. In the Air Force One
Pavilion, step aboard the same Air Force
One that flew President Reagan over
660,000 miles; this "Flying White House"
is where Reagan hand-wrote many of his
speeches and signed legislation. Also in
the Pavilion, check out a presidential limo,
Secret Service Suburban, and Marine One



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