Ventura Inspiration Guide 2018 - 8


Welcome to Ventura, the ultimate California beach town.
The surfing is out of this world, the beaches are beautiful,
and the weather is just about perfect year-round.
But there are other things that make this city so vibrant.
Ventura Harbor is the launching point to the Channel Islands
National Park and Marine Sanctuary, a chain of undeveloped
islands off the coast. We sent our team on a day trip to Santa
Cruz Island, and you can read all about their experience on p.
34. And for more ways to play outside, check out the curated
list of locals' favorites on p. 40.
Downtown Ventura is charming. Locally owned boutiques
and caf├ęs abound - you won't find many big-box stores or
chain restaurants here. It's all about the thrill of the hunt with
tons of vintage and antique shops. Ventura is also home to a


thriving craft beer scene, where a handful of microbreweries
typically have one thing in common: sun-drenched outdoor
patios that are perfect for sipping a local brew. Hungry?
We've rounded up the go-to spots for breakfast, lunch,
and dinner (and a cocktail or two) on p. 44. An abundance
of local produce and freshly caught seafood inspire menus
around town.
And no matter where you are around Ventura, you'll feel that
laid-back, cool vibe. People are friendly and welcoming - just
check out our Ask a Local spotlight on p. 20.
You can easily spend a few days in Ventura, and we've packed
this magazine with ideas for just that. Whether this is your first
time to town or you're a regular visitor, we hope this inspires you
to make the most of your trip. We hope to see you soon!



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