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6 Client Story Online Brokerage Firm E*TRADE Evolves to Help Everyday Investors Although active traders are still an integral part of the E*TRADE customer base, that base has expanded over recent years to include more long-term investors planning for goals like retirement. “The E*TRADE family of companies offers a range of services for everyone from the self-directed customer to those looking for 100% discretionary portfolio management,” explains Liz Gottfried, senior director of product management. Since 1999, Morningstar has been part of the E*TRADE evolution, helping expand the online broker’s offering to reach different types of investors and draw them regularly to its website. Common interests. Both Morningstar and E*TRADE have a common interest in independence and helping everyday investors. E*TRADE doesn’t offer proprietary products and its strategy is to provide tools that customers can rely on to help achieve their investing goals. Customers looking for more direction can consult with E*TRADE professional staff, or they can meet face-to-face with the financial consultants who work in E*TRADE retail branches. Through the years, Morningstar has provided support to both E*TRADE’s infrastructure and its client-facing services. Freedom to innovate. One of the most critical things to E*TRADE’s business is quality data. And the online broker powers some of the tools on its website—screeners, advisory tools, fact sheets, and more—with Morningstar data. “With quality, up-to-the-minute data from Morningstar, E*TRADE can develop innovative increase in the number of users of Morningstar web tools from 2009 to 2010 28% 1999 E*TRADE 2004 Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM Customized investment research and planning platform that helps advisors serve clients online, by phone, and in person Morningstar Morningstar® Site BuilderSM Portfolio and retirement planning tools, as well as editorial content and videos, used in investing website

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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011
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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011