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IMPRESSIONS Event Tech Help [Re: FutureWatch 2011, January 2011] Lincoln Electric’s Customer Experience Program recently joined MPI, and we enjoyed reading the 2011 FutureWatch publication. We were particularly interested in the “scope of event tech is growing” text, as we are currently researching integrated software programs to help manage our visitor data and much more. There were no mentions of specific software programs, however, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could put me in touch with the MPI point person who did the research for this article/segment who might provide some recommendations. —Emily Smith [Editor’s note: Thank you, Emily, for your letter. Please turn to Page 60 for further discussion and answers to the questions you raised.] EDITOR’S NOTE: We appreciate the feedback on MPI and your magazine, One+. Your ideas and thoughts are important to us. Let us know what you think. E-mail the editorial team at You Tell Us How have you improved teamwork at your company? Tell us about it. Send an e-mail to 12 one+ 02.11 >> A Must Read [Re: “Physical Distance and Virtual Meetings,” PlusPoint blog, via Twitter] Physical Distance & Virtual Meetings by Marlone D. Henderson was a very interesting article. @MPI folks should take a look. #techadvances Hosted Buyer Success [Re: “Will Hosted Buyer Save the Day?” PlusPoint blog, December 2010] The power of the hosted buyer format is that connections are prequalified. It is kind of a no-brainer when you think about it; buyers are provided qualified sellers who represent goods and services for which they have a need and sellers are connected to buyers who are interested in what they provide even before the scheduled appointment. —Michael Owen Social Media Suggestion [Re: “PCMA11: Chris Brogan,” PlusPoint blog, January 2011] If you also think Brogan makes sense here (as I do!), read his book Social Media 101. As a conference speaker/ moderator I feel pulled in all sorts of directions to adopt social media in the most appropriate ways. This book helped me so much to make sense of the big picture. It’s written in such a way that non-techies will understand too. The downside of all this: my “to do” list after reading it was HUGE! —Roy Sheppard —Melissa Calahan (@happyfood20) Just Jargon [Re: “Most Overused Terms,” PlusPoint blog, December 2010] One that you rarely see is costcutter. While it is nice to see the increase in revenue stream and sales volume, it is equally important to employers and clients that we have eliminated inefficient processes and saved money. Clients want to know how much a third-party supplier or employee can do to save or bring through the door at least the same amount it will cost the client to hire him/her. Cost-cutting is a variable of cash flow; even if revenues do not increase, a positive net cash flow can result from cost savings through contract negotiations, new vendor selection or improved operational efficiencies. I would like to see costcutter as an over-used term because more people would be actively thinking about it. —Dave Ryder Structurally Sound [Re: “The Hierarchical Evolution,” December 2010 online exclusive] This article is extremely relevant to the way we operate within MPI chapters, just as well! —Cory Fransway, CMP One of the largest measures of success for meetings industry events is the planner to supplier ratio. Bring the qualified planners and everything else falls into place, from sponsorships to trade show to overall registration numbers. Let’s not forget these programs help independent planners and nonfunded corporate and association planners who may not otherwise be able to afford the high registration fees and travel costs of our industry events. —Richard Miseyko, CMP, CMM

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One + February 2011
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Until We Meet Again
MPI’s 2011 Meeting Guide to Canada
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InterContinental Canada
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Meetings and Conventions Calgary
Scotiabank Convention Centre

One + February 2011