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Step Away From the Desk TRAVEL The Supreme Being’s Map Retract! Retract! Deluxe Retractable Cable Kit (, US$38.95) The Deluxe Retractable Cable Kit includes a retractable notebook power cable, a USB 2.0 optical mouse, a CAT6 retractable cable, a USB LED light, retractable stereo earphones, a retractable USB 2.0 A/B cable and a zippered carrying case. The notebook power cable extends up to five feet. Time Bandits Replica Map (, US$100) For Terry Gilliam fans obsessed with traveling, this is a re-creation of the iconic map from the film Time Bandits. It is highly accurate to the screen-used prop in both size and detail. This is a giclee print on matte-finish canvas material and measures 40” x 24.25” and ships in a sturdy mailing tube. ART OF “It’s hard to get the stimuli that can spur innovative thinking solely from your desk in a hotel while scarfing down room service; it’s harder to understand what customers can’t articulate without spending time with them. Make the time for new experiences. It will be worth the investment.” –Scott Anthony, managing director of Innosight Ventures, on the Harvard Business Review blog with tips to help you innovate while traveling Filling Up Rooms “Despite a weak national economy, occupancy rates continue to recover in many U.S. markets, preparing hotels for an uplift in average room rates during 2011. The degree of increases in room rates will vary dramatically from market to market.” –Scott D. Berman, principal and U.S. industry leader of hospitality & leisure for PricewaterhouseCoopers Bigger Than Yourself “The 4.0 careerist is motivated by a sense of service to and connection with the larger human community through the product or service he or she contributes to. The vehicle for this is the opportunity for continuous new learning and creative growth, through which you use your talents and capacities for having a positive impact on human lives, through your work.” –Business psychologist Douglas LaBier, Ph.D., in The Huffington Post No More Maybes “Kill maybe. Say no to your work when you want to take your daughter to the museum or bring your mother a rose. It is fine to say no when you intend to say it. Say yes to the work often, every day or as frequently as you can. Never say maybe—turn every maybe into an appropriate no or a vibrant yes. Of these three words, yes, no and maybe, two are brilliant and one is the kiss of death.” –Eric Maisel, Ph.D., a creativity coach and author, on the ArtBistro website Share and Share Alike Pogoplug (, US$99) Pogoplug allows users to easily and securely access, share and stream their personal content from anywhere, without uploading. Content remains safely on USB hard drives connected to the Pogoplug device in homes or offices and is available from any Internetenabled device, including apps for the iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and Palm. Bag It Up Bottle Armor XXL (, US$26.85) Made of durable leak-proof nylon with a layer of protective padding, Bottle Armor XXL protects bottles in your checked luggage, cushioning them from the bumps and bruises of travel. Features include a see-through window, two extra-strength zip-top seals and a Velcro fold-over flap to prevent leaks should breakage occur. Time Bandits “Employees who are bored, don’t have clarity in their job or lack the resources to accomplish the job engage in time banditry. Individuals logically seek to avoid frustration and replace frustrating tasks with counterproductive tasks that are more rewarding to them but not to the organization.” –Meagan Brock, HR specialist at the Office of Personnel Management at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, in the article “Taking Up Slack” in HR Magazine 19 19 Want to review an item for One+? Send an e-mail to

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One + February 2011
Energy of Many
The Productivity Cloud
MPIWeb Connect
Events for Life
Gateway to the Future
Top Spots
It Was Not Interesting
The Wrong Words
Up to Snuff
That’s Enough Facebook
Super Foods to the Rescue
Shoring Resources
Jack and Smoke
Accidentally on Purpose
Staying on Top of Tech
The Joy of Work
Plan to Run
Productivity on the Go
Angel of the Favelas
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again
MPI’s 2011 Meeting Guide to Canada
Banff Centre
Ottawa Tourism
Tourisme Montréal
The Buzz
InterContinental Canada
Caesars Windsor
Vintage Hotels
The Great Green North
Whistler, British Columbia
Meetings and Conventions Calgary
Scotiabank Convention Centre

One + February 2011