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THE 19 20 21 Ultimate FAIL BY JESSIE STATES YOUR COMPANY’S “CULTURE” SUCKS. 22 26 28 one+ No one takes ownership (unless the project is an unheralded success). Your coworkers eye each other suspiciously in the halls. It’s possible—though not likely—that all of your colleagues are evil. But, I’d hedge bets on a different culprit: failure, or rather the way your company views it. Fail-spert Alina Tugend argues that businesses that don’t conduct double-loop analyses of their failures will inevitably fail…harder. Tugend herself is no stranger to failure. It was a particularly public fail that got her thinking about the topic in the first place. In a column for The New York Times, she mistakenly wrote that Daylight Savings Time was starting, when it was actually ending. The paper ran a correction. “I made a much bigger deal of it than my editors did,” she recalls. “I got scared. What if I make an error in my next column…and the one after that? I tried to put it in perspective. It was minor. I will do a better job of checking facts, but these things happen occasionally.” Still, it bothered her. And that she was bothered bothered her. She began to question why her first reaction was to disown or hide the mistake, why people think that 16 03 / 0 4.11

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One + March/april 2011
Energy of Many
Ultimate Fail
Ask the Experts
Wonders, Man
Business Is Back
Top Spots
Fail vs. Fail
Long Distance Sportsmanship
The Conference Is Not About You
Eat, Play, Love
Fantastic Fit
Where Tomorrow Happens
Middle Kingdom Come
All Together Now
Economic Impact Study
The Truth of Tech
The Social Networker
Super Wi-Fi Is Coming
The Kitchen Sink
@ Your Service
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again
MPI's 2011 Meeting Guide to Colorado

One + March/April 2011