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THE Thoughts+Leaders Name a new technology or tech device you used in a recent meeting and describe how it worked for your audience. Digby Davies CEO PSAV Presentation Services No Crybabies ... THREE-FOURTHS OF BRITISH BUSINESS TRAVELERS WANT adults-only air service, admitting that children drive them crazy when they’re traveling in business class, according to research by the Business Travel & Meetings Show, which took place Feb. 8-9 in London. When asked what annoys them most about business class travel, U.K. business travelers cited children (74 percent), free upgrades for other passengers (18 percent), a lack of privacy between business and economy class (15 percent) and poor service (12 percent). —J.S. We held a meeting where we replaced the large projector and screen with an iPad Meeting Package. I have to confess, I love the iPad. This meeting design leveraged the fun and easy user interface of the iPad with a networked design. Each meeting attendee had his or her own personal iPad, all of which showed the same information from the main computer driving the presentation. Attendees used their devices to enhance visibility and interaction. Because the information was presented on a screen immediately in front of them and attendees sat at a U-shaped table, we achieved a higher level of engagement. Jeffrey W. Rasco, CMP CEO Attendee Management Inc. ... and No Video VIDEOCONFERENCING ON THE JOB ISN’T QUITE AS POPULAR The convergence of smart phones, the green meetings movement and improved software is reshaping a big part of many meetings. And there is little in any event more expensive to produce and more tree-unfriendly than the meeting program and guide. Moving this staple to an electronic version just makes sense. A few years ago you needed to have the right PDA or phone to be able to use a mobile guide, but newer versions are Web-based, enabling any phone with Internet access to retrieve the data. Great options include Quickmobile, Sherpa Solutions’ ActivTouch (an EIBTM-award winner), Ootoweb and Certain Software. as you might think. According to a recent survey of 5,400 business people by Forrester, 72 percent say they don’t want any kind of desktop video interaction. “Addressing desktop video specifically, 30 percent of businesses have implemented it, with another 19 percent saying they have plans to do so,” reported Tom Greene for Network World. “But of the businesses that do have the technology, only 15 percent of the workers say they have access to it.” Greene reports that it’s senior leadership that are the most likely to use desktop video, with up to 42 percent of those employees using it. “The top three uses are routine internal communications (51 percent), executive meetings (41 percent) and distance learning and training (33 percent),” Greene reported. “Customer meetings, brainstorming sessions and partner meetings each garner 30 percent of usage, according to the report.” —J.H. 22 Luca Favetta Senior Director Global Events EMEA + India SAP SA Instead of talking about one specific devise or technology, I prefer to cite a specific example. At SAPPHIRE NOW, we put customers at the center of the event and let them drive the agenda, interacting with content when, where and how they wanted. For 16,000 in-person and 35,000 online and satellite delegates, it was much more than two venues, two continents, two network TV studios anchored by noted journalists, 400 HD programs and 1,200 sessions, discussions and demos. It was a merger of traditional events, the Internet, broadcast media and social media. I was surprised to realize that on May 18, the fourth largest trending topic on Twitter was SAPPHIRE NOW. one+ 03 / 0 4.11

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