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BY MICHAEL MASCIONI The Hunt: Cisco’s Twist on Meetings 32 one+ > CONNECTIONS > MEET ISABEL TRAVADA: FORMER CISCO SYSTEMS ENGINEER, CURRENT RED CROSS VOLUNTEER. Her father’s journal has been stolen from her apartment. It contains writings and drawings describing his adventures as a cartographer. Isabel is determined to find out “who done it” and why. She has managed to reconstruct parts of the journal, but needs your help to solve puzzles, piece together clues and rebuild the missing sections. This was the scenario presented to the Cisco global sales force before and during its annual meeting, GSX (or Global Sales Experience). It’s the new norm of education meets alternate reality games, which provide benefits in learning, immersion and entertainment. Cisco called it The Hunt. Developed for GSX 2010 by JUXT Interactive and No Mimes Media, The Hunt was “part high-tech thriller, part treasure hunt, part social media experiment.” The game, which incorporated video and audio, photos, e-mail, phone messages, social media and live engagement, was designed to engage Cisco’s sales force prior to the event and integrate entertainment and learning in the meeting process, according to Behnam Karbassi, producer/content director for the game and founding partner of No Mimes Media, a Los Angelesbased multimedia production company. 03 / 0 4.11

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One + March/april 2011
Energy of Many
Ultimate Fail
Ask the Experts
Wonders, Man
Business Is Back
Top Spots
Fail vs. Fail
Long Distance Sportsmanship
The Conference Is Not About You
Eat, Play, Love
Fantastic Fit
Where Tomorrow Happens
Middle Kingdom Come
All Together Now
Economic Impact Study
The Truth of Tech
The Social Networker
Super Wi-Fi Is Coming
The Kitchen Sink
@ Your Service
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again
MPI's 2011 Meeting Guide to Colorado

One + March/April 2011