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> > R E B OOT YO U R B R A I N BY JON BRADSHAW << LONG DISTANCE SPORTSMANSHIP I’D MANAGED ALMOST 90 MILES AND WAS DESPERATE FOR ANY EXCUSE TO STOP. So, when I cycled into my hometown a few months ago and spotted an old friend jogging, I was delighted that after a quick chat he invited me to his home for coffee and sandwiches. I met Craig when we were 11 and played football (U.S. soccer) together. He was graceful and skilled, and throughout our young football careers, competition often spurred us on to higher levels of fitness. In more recent years, however, the impact of almost 30 years of football has led to inevitable midleg-skeletal-and-muscular-malfunction (our knees have stopped working), and while this physical handicap led me to opt for the 40 comparatively sedate pursuit of cycling, Craig chose to head out twice a week for a slightly pathetic, two-miles-per-hour jog to the golf course and back. After the cultural social obligation of discussing the weather and the price of real estate, Craig told me the strangest story. He looked like any other runner—apart from the fact that he was being over taken by people pushing baby buggies—but that very afternoon, he had been racing a man who lived some 10,500 miles away and was fast asleep. Slotted into the heel of Craig’s running shoe was a small sensor that records the length and time of his runs. He uploads the data to a website, a platform for runners around the world to interact, us- one+ 03 / 0 4.11

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One + March/april 2011
Energy of Many
Ultimate Fail
Ask the Experts
Wonders, Man
Business Is Back
Top Spots
Fail vs. Fail
Long Distance Sportsmanship
The Conference Is Not About You
Eat, Play, Love
Fantastic Fit
Where Tomorrow Happens
Middle Kingdom Come
All Together Now
Economic Impact Study
The Truth of Tech
The Social Networker
Super Wi-Fi Is Coming
The Kitchen Sink
@ Your Service
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again
MPI's 2011 Meeting Guide to Colorado

One + March/April 2011