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IMPRESSIONS Small Gesture = Big Impact [Re: “Great Thanking,” June 2011] “When we focus our attention on the assistance of others, we are thinking about what we have, not what we lack. The exercise reminds us that we are not alone in our missions.” Agreed! This is a great reminder that a small gesture can make a big impact. I, too, enjoy receiving thank you notes and love to give them! I have at least two with me at all times... Thanks for sharing! —Myrna Medina EDITOR’S NOTE: We appreciate the feedback on MPI and your magazine, One+. Your ideas and thoughts are important to us. Let us know what you think. E-mail the editorial team at You Tell Us What type of smartphone apps do you use most often and why: audio/ video, games, news, social media or augmented reality? Send an e-mail to 12 one+ 07.1 1 >> A Welcome Sight [Re: “Great Thanking,” June 2011] Great points Tim! Amongst all the bills and junk mail, a thank you is a very welcome sight. And when it’s hand-written and specific, it always makes a big, big impact. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! —Bridget DiCello Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t [Re: “Training May Increase Turnover,” PlusPoint blog] There are also studies that show people are more likely to stay with a company if they have a “best friend at work,” meaning that they feel bonded to one or more co-workers. Thus your training events should be more than just seminars, but experiences. When we share experiences with others, we are more likely to establish and cultivate relationships. This is an interesting survey, as when I talk to people (informally, not a university study) they complain about the lack of development and training that has taken place over the past three years, because of the recession. They feel companies are making no investment, and they are not happy about this. So this survey seems to imply that employers are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t invest in training. —Thom Singer Keep ‘Em Coming Back [Re: “Happy Employees = Loyal Customers,” PlusPoint blog] This makes very good sense because “happy employees” have a vested interest (and “sense of ownership” as noted in the article) in the business and understand how they contribute to the company’s bottom line. When management has hired the “right” people, they look at people who can favorably impact the atmosphere and set the tone for quality service. In my work in the quick-service restaurant industry, this is especially important, because employees often join a business because of its reputation and the respect it’s gained in the community. If the wrong person is hired, one negative employee can contaminate an entire store of employees. —Bonnie Mattick Good Collaboration [Re: “Academic Alignment Established,” PlusPoint blog] It’s wonderful to see two prestigious institutions collaborating in this way, and I’m sure that they have everyone’s best wishes for a successful partnership. I hope that somewhere in the curriculum there will be a course on meetings and events management, to educate these future leaders about the challenges and advantages of working with this vital sector of hospitality and tourism. —Rob Davidson

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One + July 2011
Energy of Many
Paradigm Shifts, Part II
Web Watch
Ask the Experts
Recognizing Community and Organizational Excellence
Art of Travel
The Prism Effect
Top Spots
Using New Tech for Old Purposes
So You Think You Can Dance
Don’t Use Tech You Don’t Understand
Are You In It to Win It?
Anything is Possible
Night of the Radishes
Well Played
When People Come Together, Magic Happens
Size Matters
Building a Better FAM
One Bar at a Time
Industry Insights
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

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