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20 Part II: Changes in the Business Climate BY ROBERT STEELE 21 IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE JAPANESE NUCLEAR DISASTER, “green” is back in mainstream business planning. Renewable energy is not just an investment, it is a culture that can attract, retain and inspire the best of the Digital Natives at the same time that it is well-suited to meeting the needs of the billions of poor not now served by capitalism. Social business is a new kind of capitalism, one that sees profit in scalability—earn less per client but have billions of clients. In this context, “zero waste” is a triple profit, a point made by Paul Palmer in Getting to Zero Waste (2005). Such memes are not covered well in most events and meetings, in part because greenwashing—a form of lip service—has been the most common approach to serving both green and social. Now that the general public is becoming more aware of global vulnerabilities and the local costs of harmful ways, a great deal of value could be offered to a full spectrum of clients by ensuring that these topics are deeply embedded in meeting and event agendas, covered in implementable ways. In The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding (2011), Jacquelyn Ottman provides a superior guide, reflecting more than 25 years of experience. I was surprised, in going over this book, to read that the “triple bottom line,” which I have always thought of as profit, ecological caution and social benefit, is now better known as people, profit and planet. I like that. The New Rules appears to be the first book to combine both a complete overview of consumers, the media, the marketplace and the urgency of sustainability with a “how to” approach useful to anyone desiring to change their business culture and think through what needs to change. Transparency, truth and trust matter to me, and this book communicates those values on every page. 22 27 27 28 16 one+ 07.11

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