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> > M E D I A M AT T E R S BY CHRIS BROGAN << USING NEW TECH FOR OLD PURPOSES WE’RE STARTING TO SEE IPADS MINGLING WITH LAPTOPS (AND PEN AND PAPER) AT OUR CONFERENCES. People hold up their smartphones and their flip cams to catch snippets of presentations. I don’t always advocate using new tech for old purposes (I still carry index cards), but sometimes it can positively impact the foundation of a meeting or event. Hashtags & Notes If your content isn’t top secret, promote a hashtag for taking notes via Twitter. Pick out a few characters that are not likely to be used by others. A note would look like this: “Brogan says to divide time equally between prospecting, executing and customer service. #clx11” You have more than one person taking notes from all your sessions. Delegates who couldn’t hit specific sessions at least get the notes. Online attendees share their thoughts. People who couldn’t attend at all follow along. Your entire community has access. Compare the hashtag’s content with the written 40 one+ 07.11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of One + July 2011

One + July 2011
Energy of Many
Paradigm Shifts, Part II
Web Watch
Ask the Experts
Recognizing Community and Organizational Excellence
Art of Travel
The Prism Effect
Top Spots
Using New Tech for Old Purposes
So You Think You Can Dance
Don’t Use Tech You Don’t Understand
Are You In It to Win It?
Anything is Possible
Night of the Radishes
Well Played
When People Come Together, Magic Happens
Size Matters
Building a Better FAM
One Bar at a Time
Industry Insights
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + July 2011