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Feature Five Georgia Events that By Jamil S. Zainaldin The New Georgia Encyclopedia ( is a free online resource developed by the Georgia Humanities Council in partnership with the University of Georgia Press, the University System of Georgia/GALILEO and the Office of the Governor of Georgia that presents a comprehensive portrayal of the people, places, events and institutions that have shaped Georgia. In the article that follows, Georgia Humanities Council’s Jamil Zainaldin shares five events that changed history. The Cotton Engine (“Gin”) I n 1785, planters along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia imported high quality cotton seed from the West Indies and learned to successfully cultivate this cash crop. Sea Island cotton, as it came to be called, was appreciated for its startlingly good quality. It was also economical to grow using slave labor because the process of removing seeds from this long-staple cotton was simple. In Georgia, the coastal plantations that grew cotton were thriving, with exports to England and elsewhere making their owners rich. 1 Eli Whitney, a budding mechanical genius, came up with a model for his cotton engine (‘gin’): an ingenious box-like device with wire mesh that when activated by a crank, scraped the seeds away from the fiber without damaging the cotton. Devices like this one allowed cotton to be a cash crop in Georgia. 16 GEORGIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT

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Henry County: Building Bridges to Benefit One Henry
Piedmont Henry Hospital Adds Important Healthcare Component to One Henry
Five Georgia Events that Changed History
Performance Contracting: A Creative Solution
Energy Savings Performance Contracts: Risks and Rewards for Local Governments
Georgia Legacy: Making the Economic Case for Land Conservation
Extension News: The Impact of Weatherization Programs in Georgia
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Georgia County Government - July/August 2012