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President’sMessage Invest Time in the Youth of Your Community By Clinton Perry President Association County Commissioners of Georgia President CLINTON PERRY Taylor County Commissioner First Vice President MIKE BERG Dawson County Chairman Third Vice President SAM HART Bibb County Chairman Second Vice President KEVIN LITTLE Walton County Chairman Immediate Past President MELVIN DAVIS Oconee County Chairman Executive Director ROSS KING District Representatives 1st District ALLEN POOLE, Haralson County 2nd District JONESY HAYGOOD, Stephens County 3rd District KATHIE GANNON, DeKalb County 4th District EDDIE FREEMAN, Spalding County 5th District TOMMY LYON, Elbert County 6th District JANIE REID, Putnam County 7th District RON CROSS, Columbia County 8th District TERRELL HUDSON, Dooly County 9th District JAMES THOMAS, Wayne County 10th District LAMAR HUDGINS, Dougherty County 11th District JOYCE EVANS, Lowndes County 12th District HELEN STONE, Chatham County At-Large Representatives BROOKS BAILEY, Pulaski County Sole Commissioner JOHNNY DAVIS, Jefferson County Commissioner J. HARRY LANGE, Harris County Chairman CHARLOTTE NASH, Gwinnett County Chairman CARLOS NELSON, Ware County Commissioner Consolidated Government Representative BRUCE HUFF, Columbus-Muscogee County Councilor Active Past Presidents (ex-officio) MELVIN DAVIS, Oconee County JAMES HAM, Monroe County* BENJAMIN HAYWARD, Mitchell County TOM MCMICHAEL, Houston County O.D. NETTER, Ben Hill County* LAMAR PARIS, Union County *Also a NACo Board Member (ex-officio) Section Presidents (ex-officio) County Attorneys: JEFF AKINS, Bulloch County County Managers/Administrators: DAVID HANKERSON, Cobb County County Clerks: PATRICK DON TOWNSEND, JR., Dade County Service Program Representatives (ex-officio) GSIWCF Board of Trustees (Workers’ Compensation): W.L. “BUD” SANDERS, Greene County IRMA Board of Trustees (Property & Liability): CHARLES NEWTON, McDuffie County Group Health Benefits Program Board of Directors: MIKE MULCARE, Douglas County Pension Board of Trustees: L.B. “BUZZ” AHRENS, Cherokee County Defined Contributions (DC) Board: O.D. NETTER, Ben Hill County here’s a boy in Taylor County named Jay. He’s someone that I’ve taken under my wing, simply because our paths crossed one day. I want to share his story because I believe people of my generation are sometimes quick to pass judgment when they could be lending a hand of support. This basic gesture of kindness and compassion may change the life of an individual, and you, in ways you cannot imagine. My family owns a funeral home business in Taylor County. Two years ago, we were asked to conduct services for Jay’s uncle following his murder. Jay had already lost his father to murder and his grandfather to a tragic car accident. At the young age of 10, Jay was the oldest surviving male in his family. Jay was angry, untrusting and clearly on a path that was unlikely to lead to a positive  outcome. Even before the funeral services were finalized, I arranged to pick up Jay and take him out for lunch. During that first get together, we had a chance to focus on him. I learned that he liked sports, especially baseball and basketball, and that he did well in art. Over that meal, I realized that Jay was a good kid that really just needed some attention. He needed someone that could help him deal with the unfortunate circumstances that had come his way and to help him move on by making good choices. As a father, and as a person who is concerned about the youth in my community, I was driven to get involved. Over the last two years, I have set aside time for Jay every other weekend. My goal is to help him recognize his potential and to expose him to things that he might not otherwise experience. We go to ball games, out to eat or just spend time together. After a few meetings, I realized that there were some very basic things which he did not know, and I was surprised at the many things that he had never experienced that we often take for granted. Through our regular interaction, I have grown to see so much potential in this young man that I might never have recognized if I had just seen him walking down the street in Taylor County. He loves to draw and is very talented. He just needed positive encouragement. Jay takes pride in our relationship. He will call to check in and report on what he has been doing. We set goals and I reward him with small things – a new baseball hat, a game or minutes on his prepaid phone. My goal for Jay is to encourage him to make education a priority. This step will help him become a productive person in his community, PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE continued on page 6 T Officers serve through April 2013 JULY/AUGUST 2012 5

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Georgia County Government - July/August 2012