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Feature 2012 Legislative Service Awards By Schuyler Harding 2012 Furthermore, Sen. Ginn often seeks ACCG’s input on how pending legislation impacts counties, thus county taxpayers. He was instrumental in advancing ACCG’s position on an array of bills, including metal theft, “Call Before You Dig” revisions, the inmate firefighters program and the vacant property registry, among others. T he Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) presents Legislative Service Awards to recognize lawmakers who have demonstrated distinguished leadership and interest in working with county governments for the benefit of Georgia’s citizens. Presented annually, the awards have gained recognition among elected and appointed officials as a prestigious way to acknowledge Georgia lawmakers for their exemplary leadership. Representative Rich Golick (R-34) Rep. R ich Golick, Chairman of the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee and member of the Criminal Justice Reform Council, carried the Criminal Justice Reform Act, HB 1176. Chairman Golick worked diligently to ensure that the legislation was comprehensive and did not place undue hardship on counties, as well as sought that the reforms would not compromise public safety. ACCG applauds Chairman Golick on his attention to detail, willingness to listen to feedback, and leadership on this issue in taking the first step toward bringing conservative common sense to Georgia’s criminal justice system. Representative Terry England (R-108) In 2012, Rep. Terry England, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, sponsored an amendment to the FY 2013 Appropriations Act to include $700,000 for the first of three installments to restore state responsibility for funding the replacement and maintenance of printers and terminals in the county tag offices. The Department of Revenue had discontinued this program because of state budget cuts and counties have struggled to find vendors that can service or replace broken equipment. Because the issuance of tags and titles is a state service provided through the local office of the tax commissioner, the state has a responsibility to maintain the state-owned hardware and software running the statewide system and not place this burden on the local property taxpayers. ACCG applauds Rep. England for recognizing that state management of this statewide system is the most cost effective 22 GEORGIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT way to administer tags and titles for the citizens of Georgia and that uniformity throughout this system is even more important due to the upcoming implementation of the new vehicle title tax that will replace sales tax and annual property tax on vehicles next year. Senator Frank Ginn (R-47) Sen. Frank Ginn carried HB 1049 in the Senate during the 2012 session. This legislation requires that all Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service suppliers register as a provider with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) for purposes of paying required 911 fees, provides a definition of prepaid cellular service to all forms of prepaid service and clarifies that prepaid cellular service providers are not eligible to bill local government for cost recovery. This bill will greatly enhance local government’s ability to collect 911 fees while eliminating the need to spend county funds on cost recovery charges. Representative Jay Powell (R-171) In 2012, Rep. Powell sponsored HB 811 which sought to address the redirection of fees collected by the state for a specific purpose. The bill called for the automatic reduction of

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