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PreferredPartnerNews How 4G LTE is Changing the Face of County Government By Mark Sidwell T he past few years certainly have not been easy. State and local governments have been stretched for resources. The reduction in tax revenues coupled with the increased demand for government services have forced local governments to find more efficient ways to do just about everything. Which is, of course, also the silver lining in all of this: local governments have become more effective and efficient, at the lowest possible cost. More than ever before, it is clear that wireless solutions are ideal for accomplishing just that. Already local governments, including utility companies and law enforcement agencies, are using wireless applications to transmit information and increase communication efficiencies. The growth of cloud technology takes it to a new level, giving governments a level of efficiency for data management that is greater than ever before. The Cloud is diversifying access to data and information while centralizing data and keeping it secure. The Cloud The Cloud and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology make a perfect marriage, bringing significant improvements in various local government functions including law enforcement and traffic monitoring. The remote tracking and management of fleet assets through such offerings as GPS and geo-fencing allow government officials’ real-time visibility into the status of their fleet. Collecting vehicle metrics including speed, duration of stops, driving patterns and maintenance reports optimizes a department’s performance. Law Enforcement and 4G LTE Law enforcement officers in particular stand to experience substantial, tangible benefits from the implementation of 4G LTE technology. Georgia’s police departments are doing things that simply could not be done before with wireline systems. Highway cameras across the state today The Powder Springs Police Department in Cobb County has embraced wireless technology for law enforcement. Major John Robison uses a laptop in his patrol car for a wide range of tasks, including mapping, looking up information on individuals, filing reports and others.  Photo courtesy of Verizon Wireless. 28 GEORGIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT are connected via a 4G LTE network and a solar generator versus expensive underground cables that need to be consistently maintained. Today’s police cruisers are more like the “Bat Mobile” than ever before with on-board high resolution cameras, radar detectors, radios, handheld scanner devices, tiny printers and more – all of which is connected wirelessly back to the communications command center. One Georgia-based company, UTILITY, is among a select group of companies partnered with Verizon Wireless to create industry-changing products that, coupled with Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network, forever changes law enforcement in the Peach State. The company’s products transform vehicles into integrated mobile communications hubs with direct, reliable, real-time access to all the information a department needs. Supervisors and dispatchers have access to real-time vehicle operating data and alerts, know what people and assets are in and around a vehicle and know where an asset was located when it last reported. The wireless connection eliminates the need for several antennae, or the need for a “hot spot” box. The Cloud takes care of it all. To give a specific example, there is no question video has become vital for evidence and safety. Today, the Powder Springs Police Department is using UTILITY’s Rocket Access Point to transfer large digital media files from the vehicle to network storage quickly and reliably—with an indisputable chain of custody. Video files offloads automatically when the vehicle approaches an approved access point (such as the department’s parking lot) and supervisors can watch live video from any location with internet access, just as if they were in the vehicle. According to the Powder Springs Police Department Chief, Charlie Sewell, UTILITY’s vehicle locator technology

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Preferred Partner News: How 4G LTE is Changing the Face of County Government
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Georgia County Government - November/December 2012