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PreferredPartnerNews FivePoint’s Suite of Products: Making Georgia Courts More Efficient C ourts, while being focused on fairness, are often lacking when it comes to creating an environment of efficient operations. As courts face increasing caseloads and counties face budget shortfalls, there is more pressure on courts today than ever before to become efficient. FivePoint Solutions, an ACCG Preferred Partner, focuses on making Georgia’s courts more efficient. Public safety, which includes the courts, consumes a significant portion of every county’s budget. Consequently, county government must make sure that tax dollars invested in public safety and court technologies provide a good return on investment. FivePoints provides products designed for all levels of Georgia’s courts by helping courts disseminate information more accurately and timely; managing and disposing of larger caseloads; implementing programs to reduce recidivism for certain offenders; and improving efficiency through performance measurement tools. These solutions allow court personnel to set target performances, monitor, evaluate, and learn from results without increasing expenses. inmate population. Cost-savings throughout all criminal justice agencies also are realized by reducing redundant data entry, improving staff productivity and reducing communication-induced delays. FivePoint Solutions currently has relationships with 23 Georgia counties providing complete, accurate and timely information to justice system decision makers when, where and how they need it. Without timely and accurate information sharing among criminal justice agencies, the consequences may include releasing offenders from jail that should not be released; making inappropriate or uninformed charging, plea agreement, disposition, and sentencing; and, costly technology replacements when disparate systems upgrade. By implementing a criminal justice information sharing project, the return on investment is quickly achieved for both criminal justice agencies and the county governments they serve. OnPoint (Accountability Court Case Management System) FivePoint recognizes that families and communities have been devastated by individuals with lengthy drug addictions. But there is hope. Accountability courts, through their systematic and coordinated approach to the management of offenders with substance abuse, can break the cycle of addiction. The unique combination of the criminal justice system and the drug treatment community comes together to form the accountability court model. Accountability courts often rely on inhouse systems, manual processes or offthe-shelf software products such as Excel, Word, and Quicken. Outside agencies, such as probation and treatment providers, have their own systems. The overall work-product inefficiencies created by managing these disparate systems and manual processes results in accountability courts being unable to increase the number of defendants being accepted into Criminal Justice Information Sharing Project Decisions made in one justice organization often affect many other justice organizations. Historically, these decisions have been made based on information and data that is independently captured and managed within each organization. These “silos” of information are closed and inefficient. Many counties have implemented integrated criminal justice information systems that facilitate electronic sharing of information among all county justice agencies. The benefits of criminal justice information sharing are many, including improved decision making speed and accuracy; improved information and accessibility; and, minimized growth in 30 GEORGIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT the system. With rising prison costs and budget shortfalls, it is imperative that this alternative sentence structure be made available to all eligible defendants, not just a select few. FivePoint is already working with six Georgia accountability courts to install OnPoint. OnPoint streamlines the management of program evaluation, treatment, and monitoring through the use of electronic document management; generates documents on-demand; provides reporting measurements and tools; and integrates disparate systems. OnPoint accelerates the referral, assessment, and evaluation processes by integrating current and past criminal history information. It also promptly and accurately identifies all eligible offenders. The result of a quicker evaluation process is as the offender is accepted into accountability court he or she is subsequently released from the local jail, reducing the county’s daily inmate housing costs for these offenders. Otherwise, these same offenders are being housed for months waiting on their case to be heard in a traditional court setting. Accurate financial record-keeping is paramount to every government agency. Manual receipting processes not only lend themselves to inaccuracies but also often result in monies not being timely disbursed to other court and government agencies. OnPoint’s Financial Tool keeps records of and balances all monies received and allows for prompt and complete disbursement of funds. Good record-keeping also entails good document management. OnPoint includes a Document Management Tool

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Georgia County Government - November/December 2012