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President’s Message Here’s the Book that You Helped Write I am pleased to present ACI-NA’s new publication, Facts About Airports and The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory. The directory is just one of the many tools ACI-NA provides members annually. For added value, we have supplemented this publication with the most up-to-date data, trends and facts about airports in the U.S. and Canada. I hope you will find Facts useful as you look for information about our industry and connect with ACI-NA airports, associate members, World Business Partners and industry allies. The information provided on the following pages reflects the current state of the industry as measured by a number of metrics including passenger traffic, cargo volumes, airline performance and costs. In addition, this report contains results from ACI-NA’s annual benchmarking studies conducted in 2009. This is the first time ACINA has provided key elements from our benchmarking studies in one full report, and we have you to thank for the data. We know this information is helpful to you as you continue to strive to improve your operational and cost efficiency by comparing your performance to airports of similar size or in the same geographic area. But your participation in benchmarking also provides ACI-NA with powerful information that helps support our advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry, such as: • Providing critical data in comments for ACI-NA communications with FAA, TSA and EPA in rulemakings; • Helping airports make the case with Congress on important safety, security and financing issues; and • Distributing information to the media on airport best practices. We know that data also has been used to: • Help establish performance criteria and measures, and set performance targets or goals; • Help identify areas for performance audits; • Support air service presentations to airlines; • Help make a case for improved credit ratings; • Aid in strategic planning; and • Identify shortfalls in a changing environment. We thank you for your participation in airport performance benchmarking, and we look forward to your continued support. Looking ahead, there is no shortage of critical aviation issues to attend to in 2010, and I take pride in reporting that ACI-NA continues to fulfill its mission to serve as the recognized and authoritative Voice of Airports. A key to our success is the work of the ACI-NA staff, the committees and the active participation of all of you to help shape national aviation policies that strengthen the ability of airports to serve our passengers, customers and communities. I hope the information in this directory also assists you in achieving your goals this year. Thank you for your support, and we wish you a successful year ahead. Greg Principato President, ACI-NA Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory | 9

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory

Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory
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Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory