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Airport Member Benefits While membership benefits are extended to all employees of an ACI-NA member airport or company, there is one designated Official Representative (OR) from that company who serves as a primary liaison for membership. This official representative is the main point of contact for ACI-NA. Here are some of the ways to ensure that you and your staff are getting the most out of ACI-NA membership. Take advantage of ACI-NA staff expertise. Members have referred to ACI staff as a think-tank group of experts on various subject matters that have to do with running an airport. Airport directors and their staff can pick up the phone or e-mail and get that think-tank working on their specific issue at any time that they need it. Keep up with industry information through ACI-NA publications and Web site. Membership comes with a subscription to the quarterly ACI-NA Centerlines magazine and our weekly e-newsletter, Centerlines Weekly Update, as well as Daily Clips, which brings breaking news, major industry trends and other important developments directly to inboxes of subscribers. Airport directors also benefit from CEO Brief, a monthly e-newsletter that provides an in-depth look at the latest news on industry trends and policy. Statistics and data on ACI-NA’s Web site also provide valuable data. Take advantage of ACI’s international reach. ACI-NA is the largest of the five worldwide regions of Airports Council International (ACI). Located in Geneva, ACI focuses primarily on international aviation issues while concurrently supporting the services and programs of the members in each of its five regions. ACI also maintains a bureau at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montréal. Attend the CEO Forum. As your airport’s Official Representative, take advantage of the opportunity to attend the annual CEO Forum (by invitation only), held each year in conjunction with the Winter Board of Directors Meeting. In an intimate setting of fewer than 200 people, airport directors plus principals from select World Business Partners and Associate organizations learn about the most current thinking with regard to aviation, airport design, solvency of carriers, new construction and security opportunities. ACI-NA staff members also provide an update on the latest government and legislative issues. Become an industry leader. Join an ACI-NA committee or the Board of Directors and volunteer for industry leadership. Committee policies often go directly to the Board of Directors for action. In addition, the interaction with colleagues provides fresh ideas on how best to try to solve complicated issues that airports deal with on a local basis. SNAPSHOT PROFILES

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Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory
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Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory