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World Business Partners and Associate Member Benefits ACI-NA World Business Partners and Associate Members represent the wide variety of private industry businesses that provide products, equipment and services to airports and the aviation industry. Through this program, ACI-NA World Business Partners and Associate Members work with ACI-NA Airport Members to address industry issues and discuss new technologies and innovative ideas. Benefits of membership for ACI-NA World Business Partners and Associate Members include company exposure to network with ACI-NA Airport members; participation in ACI-NA activities, conferences and speaking opportunities; involvement in decision-making within ACI-NA committee structure; sponsorship opportunities; and access to information and resources from ACI-NA staff. Join an ACI-NA committee. ACI-NA committees and steering groups represent aviation areas ranging from information technology to the environment. They recommend policy to the Board of Directors, plan educational conferences and hold educational conference calls. Membership on a committee or steering group provides the chance to communicate, share information and discuss sensitive business issues directly with airport directors and high-level staff. Connect with clients in one place. Make the most efficient use of company time and resources by meeting with current and prospective clients all in one venue, whether at a seminar, conference or at the Annual Conference and Exhibition. Share your expertise at meetings. In addition to participating in meetings with airport decision-makers, as a World Business Partner or Associate Member you receive priority consideration for speaking opportunities. Market your business. Broaden your exposure to airport decision-makers through sponsorship of various conferences and events or through the purchase of advertising in ACINA’s quarterly Centerlines magazine or Web site. Keep up with competitors. Regular attendance at ACI-NA meetings will help to ensure that your organization is keeping up with the competition. Receive regular industry communications. Member benefits include regular delivery of ACI-NA news via Centerlines magazine; Centerlines Weekly Update, our weekly e-newsletter; and Daily Clips, a new benefit that brings breaking news, major industry trends and other important developments directly to inboxes of subscribers. WORLD BUSINESS PARTNERS AND ASSOCIATES Save with discounted registration rates for ACI-NA meetings and conferences. ACI-NA members save an average of 30 percent on registration fees for the association’s conferences. For more information on how you can maximize your membership, contact ACI-NA Member Services, (202) 293-8500, memberservices@aci-na.org, or check the Web site at www.aci-na.org. http://www.aci-na.org

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Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory
Table of Contents
ACI-NA Chairman’s Message
ACI-NA President’s Message
Canadian Message
ACI-NA Board of Directors
ACI-NA Associates Board of Directors
Canadian Airports Council Board of Directors
Canadian Airports Council Staff
ACI-NA Staff
2010 Conferences, Future Annual Meetings
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Airport Member Benefits
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Member Profiles
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Facts About Airports & The 2010 ACI-NA Membership Directory