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R E G U L AT O R Y F R O N T SECURITY STANDARDS Industry calls for due diligence with biometrics B Y JODI R IC H A R DS ven as the House passed a measure to encourage the use of biometrics in airport employee screening, several airports have already implemented their own programs. The question to be resolved in Congress, at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and in the airports, is just how to set up the most efficient biometric credentialing system. On June 18, the House passed H.R. 5982, the Biometric Enhancement for Airport-Risk Reduction Act of 2008 (BEAR Act), a bill sponsored by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chairman of House Homeland Security Committee. The Senate has yet to act on the measure. “The BEAR Act is legislation with a smart security approach that promotes collaboration between TSA, industry, labor and other key stakeholders to work together to collectively develop and provide airports with a blueprint on how to make biometrics work for them,” Thompson said. “We are sending the department a clear message, that we are not interested in them proposing any quick fixes to a problem,” Thompson explained. “Therefore, we are asking for a solution that can be applied to most airports with the afforded flexibility needed to accommodate the client.” ACI-NA worked with other stakeholders to provide input to the House Homeland Security Committee in developing the BEAR Act, said Charles R. Chambers, Jr., ACI-NA senior vice president for security and facilitation. “The study under the BEAR Act would provide valuable information and help airports develop best practices for administering biometric credentials for airport workers.” E WHEN different vendors are brought together, everyone understands the common goals of the government, and that then fosters interoperability. 42 CENTERLINES | SEPTEMBER 2008

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Centerlines - September 2008
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Centerlines - September 2008