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GR AND OPENINGS Detroit’s North Terminal Opens flight information display shows all airlines and gates. A bridge connects the terminal to the parking Wayne County Airport’s new garage, which offers rental cars, 800,000-square-foot, $431 million taxis and hotel shuttles. North Terminal include curbside Two features benefiting airlines baggage check-in, 100 self-service were funded by a $5.1 million FAA e-ticket kiosks, easy access linear Voluntary Airport Low Emission design, pre- and post-security restgrant. “All of the gates will have prerooms, numerous restaurants and conditioned air and 400 Hz power,” shops, moving walkways and electriexplained Deputy Director of Public cal outlets in gate hold areas. Every Affairs Scott Roberts. This gives aircraft power, heat and cooling without using their auxiliary power units. Hydrant fueling at each gate eliminates the need for big fuel trucks. North Terminal’s budget was set in 2000 prior to the security enhancements mandated following the 9/11 attacks and was not increased. ACINA associate member Gensler, architect on the project, began design work in 2004, and construction started in 2006. “We increased the size of the building by about 20 percent (to accommodate Customs and Border Protection), and yet we still delivered it on time and on budget,” noted Ron Steinert of Gensler. The final cost per square foot was about $275, while typical airport buildings cost $500 to $1,000 per square foot. A construction manager-at-risk hired by the airport when design began worked with The signature feature of Detroit Metro Airport’s new Gensler’s estimator. They North Terminal is the impressive glass box that floods did constant reevaluation both the departure and arrivals levels of the main and value engineering, terminal building with natural light. At night, the glass testing every decision box will feature an artistic lighting display visible from against the budget. The both inside and outside the terminal. facility just opened. PA S S E N G E R - F R I E N D L Y F E A T U R E S A T Detroit Metropolitan North Terminal replaces two preexisting terminals. Demolition of one terminal and a hotel yielded concrete, which was crushed and used as underlayment for the ramps. The hotel fixtures were donated to Habitat for Humanity, and the buildings’ steel was recycled. North Terminal is adaptable to the changing landscape of the airport industry. “All of our aircraft positions can accommodate every type of aircraft,” Steinert said. “All of the gates are preferential, other than the key carriers, so they can be any airline any time. Signage is all electronic, so new names can be programmed in quickly. It’s very, very flexible because we didn’t know what might happen in the future, so we tried to anticipate everything.” Tallahassee Regional Airport Cargo Complex Enhanced Both cargo operations and safety have been enhanced at Tallahassee Regional Airport through its new $12 million cargo complex. New features include a 7-1/2 acre apron, an access road and intersection with the adjacent highway and a 22,000-squarefoot FedEx facility. A preexisting 6,000-square-foot facility used by DHL, the U.S. Postal Service and Delta cargo completes the complex. The FedEx building is owned by TAC Tallahassee, a subsidiary of Lanmark. FedEx moved into the new facility in April 2008, using it for package sorting and truck transfer. It can accommodate five aircraft as large as Airbus A319s simultaneously. The previous FedEx facility was only 6,000 square feet and was located in the general aviation area. “This gave them some much needed expansion space,” explained airport Capital Program Administrator Michael Clow. “At the same time, we needed to separate their jet traffic from smaller aircraft traffic.” ■ | CENTERLINES 79

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Centerlines - September 2008
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Centerlines - September 2008